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Responding to subingual B12 Methylcobalamin Spray?

Since I've been using B12Boost sublingual spray for the last 3 weeks I seem to be gradually improving in many small ways from being seriously ill and everything that goes with Pernicious Aaemia.

Does this mean I wasn't converting it from my food intake before? Can anyone shed any light on that before I go back to see my GP? I've not been diagnosed yet.

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The most common cause for low B12 is, indeed, absorption problems. So, if you're feeling better by supplementing with the spray it's quite likely that you were B12 deficient for that reason. Unless you were on a B12 deficient diet (which, nowadays, means vegan).

The big problem now is that you B12 levels will not be low and that your GP will most likely insist on a test (albeit pointless) then happily tell you you're not B12 deficient and tell you to go away - maybe with a prescription for anti-depressants.


Hi Sallybones,

As fbirder says you may have a b12 deficiency due to your diet and any test results will be "skewed" by the fact you have been supplementing.

You will need to tell your doctor this at the same time showing the improvements you have felt since using the spray.

I'm not a medically qualified person but I understand that b12d can easily be remedied naturally by increasing the amount of meat, fish & poultry you eat - unless of course you are vegan or vegetarian.

I was "prescribed" raw liver three times a day when I was first diagnosed with P.A. 44 years ago but fortunately was given the option of b12 injections - which I took... :(

Apparently caviar "Though usually only eaten as a garnish to a larger dish, fish eggs can provide more than 10 times as much vitamin B12 as chicken eggs!" Hey Ho!

Other things that can cause b12d are intense exercise, drugs for high or low stomach acid, Metformin for diabetes etc. You can consider or rule these out yourself.

I wish you well for the future and hope your GP will give you the treatment you need..


thank you both for your replies. Even when I was eating better over the last over the last 30 years my blood test levels were always just above the bottom of the ranges and GP always said 'well thats probably normal for you' and that was that!!

They didn't automatically test for D3 and B12 back then & it wouldn't have occured to me to ask, but things like iron were always just within the range and I was classed as borderline anaemic but GP didn't want to treat it as it was 'normal' for me. My diet got worse because my digestive system also seemed to pack up along with everything else (no explanation)therefore I can't eat a lot of foods regularly enough anyway. Had some private tests done 12 years ago for magnesium and other minerals at a clinic and they were low too. GP noted them but not really interested back then either. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity too so on the whole I have to make my meals from scratch. I even find vegies which I used to love, now hard to get down as I'm full very quickly. Whole system & body seem completely out of sync. However I will persevere with the sublinguals and go back to GP when I'm in a better frame of mind and feel able to put my case across without saying something I may regret. Still annoyed at the mo with diagnosis of Osteoporosis only found because I insisted on bone scan (D3 level was just above bottom of range - again).

Sorry if I droned on but thank you for letting me get it out of my system. Friends feel 'sorry' for me but don't really understand the frustration of my now restrictive lifestyle. Hey ho!!

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