Skin cream vs patch

My doctor informed me that my PA will not allow me to absorb b12 in ANY form I take orally (pills, supplements, sublingual - even eating b12 rich foods). I was taking 1x a month cyanocobalamin injections but have never felt any relief in symptoms. Plus, getting the b12 prescription and needles is an act of congress. Now I see that methylcobalamin is readily available in topical skin creams (appx 700mcg per dose) and patches (1 patch per week, 1000mcg). Has anyone had good/bad/better experiences with either?

Thank you

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  • Im a patch person, but the ones i use are much higher at 5000. They seem to work for me, no pins and needles, burning. I guess it depends on what you actually need it for symptom wise. I got headaches when i first tried them on my neck as suggested, used on arm and no problems since.

  • My daughter is using the yuliv nasal spray and it appears that she is absorbing b12 as her levels have gone from 345 to 866 in a few weeks. She is definitely less tired although the brain fog and concentration levels are still very poor.

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