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B12 OTC in Australia

There is conflicting information about this, so I thought I'd share my experience. My first 3 vials came on prescription and were labelled: 'Prescription Only - Must be administered by a doctor'. Needing to get a loading dose, I have resorted to sourcing my own. The original chemist refused and Chemist Warehouse online says it's prescription only. However, I just bought 3 vials over the counter at a small independent pharmacy, no questions asked. I would recommend anyone who has been refused supply without a prescription to just try another pharmacy!

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B12 is now non prescription in australia and you are able to purchase it in all the usual places. I can buy it at chemist warehouse, they just want to know that you've had it before from a doctor. Maybe you were trying to buy it in the change over period and not every chemist had the info yet.


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