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Good Morning. My daughter is complaining that her finger and toe nails are hurting. She said it feels like pressure around the nail bed. Her feet are often really cold and she said that she gets spasms when "trying" to do a very small amount of toning exercise. At her last doctors appointment her blood pressure was low and the doctor was going to say something but changed her mind. She needs to have blood tests done again but she is too ill to take to the hospital and they always have problems getting blood out of her which makes it worse. Is her nail problem likely to be caused by B12 deficiency?

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from what I have read B12 deficiency can affect nail growth. See links below.



The Symptoms Checklist mentions brittle, flaky nails as an early sign of B12 deficiency.



Thanks sleepybunny. She takes Biotin which means her nails are quite strong as is her hair. It didn't help with the hair loss but what came out was long and glossy! We can now assume her problems are not down to D3 deficiency either as her test results came back as 139 ...up to 150 is classed as being adequate and over 200 too high.


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