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Dark Bluey Grey Tongue!

Hello to you all (whom I love), I was diagnosed with PA in 1992 when I was 39yrs old & I am so grateful for this site. I noticed a couple of hrs ago that parts of my tongue had turned a funny colour, I thought it was Black at 1st but on closer inspection saw it was like a 'Slate Grey' colour, it's patchy & slightly sore round the edges and sore round the inside if my mouth & my neck is especially sore, I realise that they may not be connected (ha ha symptoms I mean) but thought it may be worth a mention. Do you think this is due to my PA or may be something else? Thanks in advance for your advice & take care.

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I think 'beefy' tongue is a symptom. Funny enough after being pretty good with my PA for years now mine is a bit enlarged and sore. I don't know much about it but planning on going to see the doctor about it. Suggest the same for you.


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