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Hospital Appointment

I just thought I'd tell you about my hospital appointment today. Although I've been treated by my GP (the usual loading doses then 3 monthly) I still havent been very well and was dreading todays hospital appointment. HOWEVER, I was extremely surprised to find a doctor who listened, asked me lots of questions, poked and prodded to check for nerve damage, took blood, promised to arrange some more tests and made a follow up appointment for 2 months time! I dont have any answers at the moment as he wants to do some reading up on B12 and wait to see what the blood and other tests show. He suggested that I dont feel better because I have something else going on.

All I can say is "HURRAY" there are some professionals out there that will listen and do some research to help.

By the way, for anyone who wants to know the type of specialist I saw, I was referred to General Medicine at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

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Hope his research is fruitful and he continues to learn about B12 and is in a better position to treat other patients as he comes across them


Well done! Hope you get some answers soon... don't forget to ask for copies of your blood tests. Good luck.


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