Appointment with cardiologist this morning

I have just returned from an appointment in relation to referrals made by my GP after seeing him for poss P.A which he refuses to diagnose. The cardiologist after initial questioning re reason for referral said in a manner that can only be described as sarcastic and patronising; " while I appreciate your expertise in the field P.A has nothing to do with B12" he dismissed my concerns regarding damage to my body over the years especially in relation to the findings of macrocytosis and my myriad of long term symptoms.On looking at my notes regarding my visits to the gastroenterologist at the same hospital in 2011 he informed me that I hadn't attended for the endoscopy which in fact I had. He corrected himself without apology after looking at the findings of. He was insistent that as there was no diagnosis of P.A I was not doing myself or my children any favours by persuing the idea.

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  • Hi Lizzie2. This just gets worse!

    So...he claims that 'PA has nothing to do with B12' does he?

    To be blunt Lizzie2, the man is an idiot and has no idea what he is talking about. And you know this from all the things you have been reading and from the replies you have received here.

    Not only is he an idiot, he's a bully...a negligent bully, at that.

    The problem with GP referrals to consultants is what they put in the referral letter. Often, the appointments are 'blighted' by GP inferences prior to you even opening your mouth! Bad, bad, bad.

    Please do not give up your fight...think it's time you talked to Martyn Hooper and Tracey Witty, to see if they can suggest other things you can try (as discussed in my reply to your earlier post of today).

    I wish I could give you a hug...keep on fighting and keep on posting xx

  • Thank you Foggyme it's just what I have come to expect and thought I'd post anyway! I have given up and found myself broken so many times in the past but now I have found this support I know how important it is to keep going. This has renewed my faith in a solution and the chance of a better quality of life after coming to believe that this was an impossible dream.

  • Well done Lizzie2. Hold that will be tough but that doesn't mean it's impossible 😀.

    We'll all help and support you much as we possibly can.

    Take care, more hugs xx

  • You just can't get the staff these days.

    B12 has nothing to do with P.A.?

    Then I've been getting B12 injections for 45 years under false pretences - please don't tell my doctor....

  • This must go in the books as one of the most stupid remark by a doctor ever... he should be ashamed. I know cardio is not really B12def expertise area but this is medical student level, it's so stupid, it's (almost) funny

  • oh dearie me.... how it goes on and on. do hang in there Lizzie2. it really is no joke - thank goodness we have each other.

  • You should tell him you weren't speaking of his PA condition "pretentious asshat" but OUR serious condition of PA "Pretty Amazing" people with Pernicious Anemia! Keep your head up & find a new doc! 😬

  • Do u suffer adrenal fatigue with pa ....? My nan had this i been ill years now cortisol is messed up ... and been told its mftr but my nan had pa ..

  • Unfortunately specialists in hospitals can be remarkably ignorant about anything that they don't see as directly related to their subject area. I was gobsmacked when my mother was being seen by a cancer specialist and I corrected the fact that she had put down that my mother was type 2 diabetic when in fact she is MODY diabetic and had said that in response to the doctors questions. Rather than admitting her error she dismissed me telling me outright that MODY is a form of type 2 diabetes - it most definitely isn't. Unfortunately things like that do rather undermine your confidence in the area of expertise that they are supposed to be dealing with. I was able to get the record corrected with the help of a former diabetic nurse later but it is rather sad.

    However, think that a cardiologist stating that PA has nothing to do with B12 is straying into areas of ignorance that are worrying - given the link between B12 deficiency and cardio-vascular problems.

    I would say write to the cardiologist with the evidence showing how incorrect he is but I know from my experience with my mother that its difficult to bring yourself to do that.

    Really hope that you do find someone who isn't so ignorant and manage to get things with your children sorted out.

  • Makes my blood boil! So horrible to folk that are suffering and just trying to get well again.


  • Just hopeless!!! I'm very sorry for you.

    A few years ago, on the 3rd of May, I broke my leg. It was diagnosed as bone cancer and they wanted to amputate my leg above the knee!

    I borrowed crutches from my neighbour and fought them on it all summer. It took until the 25th August to get the correct diagnosis, by which time I could walk without my crutches again.

    I never had a plaster or appropriate care from them - only lots of wasted time and anguish!

    If they can get something as simple as that - that they can clearly see - wrong, what hope is there for a blood/absorption problem?

    I trust them not and jab myself!

    At least they never dare pin any "hypochondriac" label or similar on me now!

    The saddest thing is when they treat others who can't /won't stand up for themselves the same, including my 80 year old Dad, and they cause so much suffering.

  • Unspeakable, Denise.

    Even worse, rather than taking all this on board and improving diagnostic techniques and treatment, our health service is being cut, run down and privatised. Frightening stuff.

  • I agree with Gambit, think it would be a good idea if you have the energy and the will to send a brief factual (unemotional) letter to this consultant containing medical evidence references highlighting his mistakes and send a copy to your surgery so it goes on to your record as well.

  • Definitely!

  • Good advice Frodo. I'd also send a copy of the letter to the clinical medical director and demand to have a second opinion from another Consultant. Preferably one who will take your health concerns seriously and who does not make ridiculous, dangerous and entirely misguided statements about something they obviously have no knowledge of.

    One day on from your post....and I'm still angry on your behalf 😡😡

    Take care 😀

  • Perhaps you could pass on the comment "" while I appreciate your expertise in the field P.A has nothing to do with B12" to Martyn Hooper to include when he writes another book about PA.

    I long ago realised that the only person who was going to help me was myself (and of course the lovely people on HU). It is very hard to feel that you are on your own, all I wanted was someone to do the work for me.

  • Feels so good to read everyone's comments which are so reassuring when things are tough....I think HU needs a name expansion - add a 'g'for Group and we have the acronym HUG! Which is what it feels like when a poster receives such wonderful support. Well done, everyone.

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