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Non alcoholic fatty liver disease

Hi everyone I have had pernicious anemia for over 4 years now. I have been on regular b12 injections every 6 to 7 weeks.

I have had my levels checked last week. The doctor say that I am well over my limit, she said that my b12 level was over 2000. She said that normal level should be around 900.

I am now thinking to stop my injections for a short while.

The reason behind it is be cause I have just been diagnosed with Non alcoholic fatty liver disease. I think there is a connection between b12 and NAFLD as the b12 is stored in the liver.

Are there any other people with PA and been diagnosed with Non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Hi salsadancer,

I'm not medically qualified (as are others on this forum) but I do know that if you have P.A. you will never stop having your b12 injections - they are for life.

The fact that your level was "over 2000" is pretty meaningless as there really isn't an "upper limit" and the test result is skewed by the injections for are having.

As to the NAFLD, I've had P.A. for nearly 45 years, on four weekly cyanocobamalin for all that time and have never had a problem with "Non alcoholic liver disease" having also had such high b12 test results.

However, we are all different so I hope someone here will be able to "put your mind at rest" and in the meantime I wish you well.

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I have never heard of a connection between B12 and NAFLD. I have read in more than one place that there is a causal relationship between sugar intake, and in particular fructose intake, and NAFLD. Whereas excess glucose is stored as fat in the cells, excess fructose is stored as fat in the liver. It is closely associated with obesity and diabetes.

In your case I would think stopping your B12 will only make you feel much worse. Keep it up, and consider a low carb, high fat diet. There is a series of very interesting videos entitled The Aetiology of Obesity on YouTube that explains the mechanism.

Saying high sugar causes all this makes it sound like I am accusing you of living on pop and junk food. I'm not. My conviction is that this is genetically linked - but the solution is low carb, regardless of the cause.


Thank you Ruthi, I appreciate your reply. Thank you again for the information.

No I could not understand why I have got NAFLD, as I eat healthy diet most of the time. I do not have diabetes as I have been checked recently. I am not overweight for my height as I have been checked by my GP so I couldn't really understand how I got NAFLD.

Thank you again for your advice.


I was told b12 injections were for life yet after 2 years I was taken off them and was fine for 4 years. Im now borderline b12 and vitamin d deficient and been told I have fatty liver. I believe that it's got to be connected too as my strict diet has never changed.


Hi Clivealive

Thank you for your reply. It is nice knowing that you have been on b12 injections for so long and not had a problem with NAFLD.

Wish you well.


Don't stop!

Like Ruthi, I am unaware of any connection between NAFLD and B12. If there was a connection I'd be likely to show signs of it as I have B12 levels on my last two tests of 5999 (it would be higher, but the test only goes that far up).

The liver processes most of the chemicals that enter your body. And it stores a lot of them. It has evolved to store B12, so is very unlikely to be harmed by doing so.

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I'm really interested in reading this, as I've just had the results of my latest blood test. My liver function test results are not easy to understand, and I will probably need to see the GP for a full explanation. However, I've also discovered my red blood cell results are above range. This can be an indicator of another problem.

I've been on six weekly injections of B12 since last summer, and feeling much better. I'm now, like you, concerned that by increasing the frequency, I've caused problems elsewhere. MariLiz


I was interested in this post too MariLiz I have B12 injections every 4 weeks, my liver feels very uncomfortable and was wondering about NAFLD we also have a tinnitus issue, and are about the same age.

Thanks for posting salsadancer, I do a big of salsa too.


Thank you Margo for your reply. You should get youself checked out. The only reason that I found out that I have NAFLD is that I kept getting pains in my stomach, for about 2 weeks and my doctor sent me for a blood test and came back that I have NAFLD.

I have been doing salsa for over 12 years and enjoy it very much.

Are you from London.

Where do you dance?


I have just rung the doctor surgery and got an appointment for today, you are right I should get it checked. I had another sleepless night last night and feel ghastly today.

I have never been told that I have P.A. I was in the doctor's surgery and he just gave me an injection and said to come back every 4 weeks, I have never questioned it as I always think that they will start to look into the B12 and take them away, as my levels are very high. Most people only get the injections every 3 months. Like you I wondered if the full feeling/liver was anything to do with the B12 injections. I had my thyroid removed in 2003 (thyroid cancer), and I understand that is why I get the jabs.

No I am just outside London in Essex, dancing is such fun.

Watch this space!



Found this all very interesting as have been having B12 injections for a few years at 10 week intervals. I have serious problems with my liver which started a few years ago (at the same time as an IBS diagnosis). Initially, it was an elevated ALT only that made me feel really terrible. That then became pain under the rib which had now become NAFLD, confirmed by ultrasound. I have had some really random bloood results in the last two years including: VIT d deficiency, folate deficiency, high iron coupled with a low number of red blood cells. My GP is really very dismissive. My IBS and liver pain has been managed with high doses of buscopan, which incidentally, when you get that awful pain in your upper abdomen from your liver, it does alleviate the pain. Had a couple of bouts of what I thought was food poisoning but on reflection now think it might have been something to do with the liver or pancreas - all I can tell you is I genuinely thought I was going to die, which I’ve never had with other types of food poisoning.

I think there is a link between NAFLD and b12 deficiency but not from the point of view of the b12 affecting the liver but more from a misdiagnosis of the original condition for which were being treated.

Conversely, am also a salsa dancer in Essex!


Hello again salsadancer, have just returned from the G.P. surgery with a blood test form. My doctor checked me over, and said if the blood tests don't show anything she would send me for a camera down the throat (can't remember correct term), have had this before and was diagnosed with H. Pylori a few years back. Just occurred to me the symptoms are similar to how I feel now, so am wondering if the infection is back. Hope not, the antibiotics really made me feel rough.


Hello again Margo, so glad you took my advice and went to the doctors. Yes you are probably right about the some doctors do want to take the injections away, or make you wait longer before you have them.

But having said that if you have P.A and your levels are very high I was told that you still need to take the injection regardless, as it is Life long. And that the body will take what it needs and gets rid of the rest.

I have got an appointment to have the camera put down my throat to check my stomach as I'm getting pains in there.

I hope that all goes well with you and they find what the problem is. You take care.

You never know we may bump into each other one day in a salsa club. Keep dancing. Xx


Yes i have hun x


Only just joined this site as I was researching PA linked to NAFLD.

I have PA and last week was given the results of ultrasound showing I have NAFLD. I am not overweight and not diabetic. I am also deficient in vit D.

I eat a fairly healthy diet, don't eat bread, can't eat dairy products, very seldom eat cake or biscuits so don't understand how I have NAFLD.

I get my b12 injections every six weeks but I am getting more breathless and tired.


Hello salsa dancer

I don't know if PA and NAFLD are connected or not. I was diagnosed with NAFLD in 2010 and was diagnosed with PA in Dec. 2016.

I was told that if I loose weight, that would help with fatty liver. I was never told why I have.



Hi, I've seen a few who said they have had the camera. What was the end result, this thread is two years old, I wondered how it all went on?


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