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Just had 2nd B12 injection, nurse said it might take 2/3 weeks before I feel better 😞

Ok, so I shouldn't complain. I've got a GP who offered injections, even though the supplements she prescribed (50mcg cyanocobalamin twice daily) have boosted my levels into the bottom end of the normal range (last blood test was 214) quite quickly. I'm grateful she's treating symptoms, not just looking at numbers.

I'm having 3 injections per week for two weeks, then one every three months. But I'd hoped to feel better sooner! I know I'm being impatient, but has anyone reported an improvement in less than three weeks?

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Hi Petal,

Sorry I cant offer any advice but would be interested in the replies you get.

I finished my loading injections a couple of days before Christmas and must admit that apart from feeling a little less anxious, I am feeling no benefit in the fatigue area. I have even been supplementing with a couple of Solgar 5000mg sublinguals each day and still find the overwhelming urge to sleep by lunchtime. Trying to keep myself awake is even more exhausting.

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It really varies by person. I noticed an improvement the next day after my first injection, but lots of people don't notice an improvement until after they've finished their loading doses.

If you think about all the systems that require b12 in the body, and how long they've gone without enough b12, I think it's just down to how each individual body prioritizes the b12 it receives. You may not be feeling an immediate obvious benefit, but on a cellular level, your body is probably jumping for joy and allocating the vitamin as best as it can to every place that needs it.


There seems to be a lot of variation in how people respond to B12. It took me months of lots of B12 to start to notice changes.


Sadly you may even get to feel worse before you get better but be assured, there is life after P.A and I've had it for nearly 45 years.

I wish you well Petal02


Thank you everyone for your replies: I had yesterday's injection at 11.30am. I went home afterwards (I'd got the afternoon off work) and decided to indulge in a brief nap. Three hours later (!) I woke up and realised I felt slightly better. In fact it was first time I felt I'd slept deeply since this all started, I'd previously been feeling fatigued but unable to get proper sleep. Also, I was feeling a little less faint, my hearing seemed clearer (even though I hadn't been aware it was impaired) and for the rest of the day there were no pins/needles/numbness or diahorrea (sorry if that's too much detail).

I didn't dare get to excited, I realise there isn't going to be an overnight cure.

But I slept nine hours last night, I feel like I've had quality sleep, I woke feeling relatively ok, no pins/needles yet, no need to rush to the loo, and I generally feel a bit more human than I did 24 hours ago.

The deep seated lower back pain hasn't changed, and my ears are still ringing a bit, but if this minor improvement continues I will be delighted. But I am prepared for a up and down recovery.


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