Blood blister under eyes (black eye)

Blood blister under eyes (black eye)


I woke up this morning with yet another black eye. It's like a blood blister in the inside corner that goes along, underneath the eye. Looks just like a black eye. This one is small they are usually larger. This has happened on numerous occasions and I wondered if anyone else has experienced it. It usually goes within a few days and I have noticed that the day before my eyes seem sensitive to light.

Apologise for multiple post but figured if anyone looks for this symptom in future then it may not show up for them if I have mentioned it under a different post.

Many thanks.


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  • I don't know...I would talk to a doctor as soon as possible. I would actually go to both a G.P. and an Ophthalmologist (not an optometrist), just to see if they agree. Having said that, do you cough in your sleep? Are you on any meds? Are you taking any herb, like St. John's Wart, that makes clotting a little slower?

    A lot of people get dark circles from allergies because of broken blood vessels, but they don't look like big bruises. Something's going on.

  • Hi. Many thanks for your reply. The last time I had one (about a week and half ago) went to the opticians and they said all was ok and told me to visit the GP which I did and they ran a blood test which came back as my red cells still megoblastic then run a B12 check which came back at 700 so no further treatment was offered. One doctor said I had low ferritin and the other said not. I am going around in circles with them, they don't seem to know what's going on. No I am not on any meds. Recently started using B12 boost from holland and Barratt because I am feeling so worn out.

  • Maybe see a hematologist. If you have read around, you have probably guessed that numbers do not really mean anything when it comes to B12, so it could not hurt to try it out. B12 deficiency IS listed as the number one cause of megoblastic cells.

    Add also, B2, b-complex, D3, zinc, a banana every day or some other high potassium food, and Magnesium. I am wondering if you have too much iron.

  • Never thought about those variables. I have like many on here spent so much time at wasted doctors appointments that you get to a point of giving up.

    Will deff give the banana a day a go though. That can't hurt :) xx

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