Test for checking Vitamin B12 at Cellular Level

Seeing questions about how to tell if Vitamin B12 is getting into the cells. There is a test from a company called SpectraCell that can check your vitamins at the CELLULAR LEVEL. Have done this twice and it's what finally helped my doctor figure out why the heck I was so exhausted all the time. Although the B12 in my blood tests showed normal, or even high, at the cellular level was a totally different picture. I was found to be FUNCTIONALLY DEFICIENT in seven vitamins, most all the B's. This is lower than low range. You have some blood drawn and send it off. It takes almost a month to get the test results because of all the work and testing they do. They are a great company to work with and I highly recommend this test to anyone who's level in the blood is normal but still feels so exhausted. It may shed some light on other conditions!

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    Here's a bit of advice. Before writing a post with such glowing praise for a commercial company it's a good idea to -

    1. Make some other posts first.

    2. Not include RANDOM words that ARE all in capitals.

    There is a strong odour of rat about this post.

  • So sorry you took it that way! Just trying to help. I've been disabled with severe exhaustion for 7 years - had to leave my job, lost my house, etc. Been to the best doctors and had loads of blood work at some of the best hospitals. Nobody could find anything. All they wanted to do was throw antidepressants at me. I had an integrative health doctor who new about SpectraCell vitamin testing at the cellular level. When we got the results back she said "Well - this explains everything!" So -after 7 years of not knowing what the heck was causing all the exhaustion - we found out! So - YES - this test saved my life, and if it is the one thing that sheds light on someone else's fatigue - then perhaps it can save theirs as well. I have no vested interest in the company whatsoever. But after reading the posts that said there was no test to check vitamins at the cellular level I thought I'd share that there is in fact one. If that sounds like a rat to you - then again -so sorry. This is just my honest testimony.

  • Unfortunately, SpectraCell is in the USA so no use to us in the UK.

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