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Injections not working

My doctor agreed to give me loading doses, 5 doses, one every other day. I usually have to take 5 mg just to feel okay, so I'm not surprised that after having my 3rd today, I am starting to feel worse rather than better.

I have parietal cell anti-bodies and bloating. So I think I either have a malabsorption problem or a tc11 problem.

I think she will now refer me and I will have to wait months to see someone.

Has anyone had the same problem or got any advice I can suggest to my doctor when I see her?

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are you taking folic acid alongside? 5mg daily would mean the B12 could be utilized at its best


I don't know what my folate levels are now but in July I was taking 3-5 mg B12 supplements daily and my folate levels were 13.3. Is it different with injections? Am I more likely to need folic acid with them?


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