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Taking the plunge and going to self!

I have read a number of posts on here and looked on line at a number of links regarding where/what to purchase but now I am as confused as ever! I need 1mg of hydroxo...............where do I get these from - best buy I am asking for here. I can manage to find sharp bins and swabs easily enough but what type and size needle (IM) and where from ? I know it will have all been said before but I would really appreciate responses as you will be more experienced than me and i ant it to go smoothly :) Currently have 8 weekly injections but start to flag after 4. GP wont entertain an increase. I want to see if it makes difference before I tackle him again. Many thanks

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Here's a copy of the answer I gave just two weeks ago....

I get my B12 from - - the site is very similar to, so if you're familiar with that navigation is fairly easy. Otherwise you can open in one window and google translate in the other.

I get my syringes, needles and wipes from

Green needles to draw the solution up into the syringe -

Blue needles for the actual injection -

2ml syringes -

Sterile wipes -

I find the ampoules aren't scored (or aren't well scored) so I use these to open them -


I use the same sites as finder but I couldnot follow the site in Germany. So I emailed them asked them to email me back in English which they did. It all went smoothly and have just received my 2nd ordered. I inject weekly and feel great x


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