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Hiya, my Rhem Dr has started me on 15mg Methotrexate, once a week, today, in addition to my other drug of Hydroxychloroquine 400mg daily. The Hydroxychloroquine has not made much difference on it's own, so I'm hoping Metho will.

I must admit, I was surprised she put me on this so soon. I'm assured it's a low dose and I have to have blood tests every 2 weeks for a while, just to see if my body can cope with this new drug.

My health seems to be in peaks of good and bad, never know what each day will be like. However, when I have a bad day I feel defeated and it's reminder of how fragile we can be. It's exactly a year to the month I was referred for further investigation for possible arthritis in my foot. I realised this month that the pain was coming back and had progressed to both hips. I've come to the conclusion that it's weather related, and I'll probably feel like this more and more as the weather progresses to get worse.

I'm missing my exercise now, I'm sure I've lost some muscle too, so need to get back in the swing of keep fit and moving my joints. If i don't, I'm sure I'll just cease up.

Looking at my situation another way, at least I'm not being ignored and I'm receiving some treatment to stop the disease from taking over my body. This I am grateful for :-)

Hope all is well with you!!!

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Are you posting to the right community? I don't see anything to do with pernicious anaemia or Vit. B12 deficiency. So you're not likely to get many responses.


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