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Hi, I'm new. Was diagnosed 2 yrs ago and my previous surgery gave me b12 injections every 12 weeks no issue. I just turned up and got the jab.

I've now moved to Southampton, 35 mins away from my last surgery, only to be told I have to see a gp who will give me prescriptions for my jabs.

Has anyone else had this and will it cost me?

I'm going to be 4 was overdue for my jab so hope there's no issue with the pins and needles and anxiety I suffer when I don't have the jabs.



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Even though you weren't aware of it the injections would have been done under prescription at your last surgery - just that all the paperwork got dealt with in the background.

As you aren't going to a pharmacist to collect the stuff I wouldn't expect you to be charged at all - would be really unfair if you were as the stuff costs less than £1 - nearer 60p

As you are moving surgery I would actually expect them to do a review for professional reasons before prescribing anything to you. However, that doesn't mean that it is a foregone conclusion and some people do experience problems but cross that bridge if you actually come to it.

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Thank. Apparently I will have to take the prescription Tito a pharmacy to get the drug. Will see how it plays out.

A tad annoyed they never mentioned it when I switched, esp as I told them 3 mths ago I needed b12. Turned up on the day to find this out?.

Oh well!


My friends son has to collect script from phamacy then take the phail to nurse to administer. He doesnt pay but receives benefits so that might exclude him from charge.


It is a free prescription for anyone. Life supporting medication

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Yes I have a card to say my scripts are free because it is a life supporting medication. No one has said anything about me not going for my (very Painful) jabs yet but I now use sublingual drops.


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