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Help converting results


Im pa, 2 eldest daughters b12 deficienct, (1 long fight with gp over 1 although she was way low below the cutoff) couldn't do another fight for youngest daughter and shes never been tested, she 19 yrs old, so had private test done, just the ordinary b12 blood test.

Results in today, 56 . Range 25 pmol to 176.

So my local results if we got it done here at my doctor would join be

range 145-800 so how would I convert it so i can get my head around what it would be if she had it done here at the doctor's, would it be correct if i times the by 6 ie, results 336 range 150 - 1056 or can you not do it like that


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The range you quote implies that the test was actually active B12 rather than serum B12


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