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Does anyone know who at the highest level I can contact to see if ordering B12 from Canada is safe and what place is legit. I could fill this post with my problems (all B12 and folic acid) anemia. I think the doctors here just want us older folks want us to die. I have so many pills to take for different things, I can't keep up and feel if I could go back on my injections I use to take would be better than anything. My wonderful doc. retired and now I feel like I am going to die. No sleep, going on 2 years (or at least no quality of sleep). I am a mess. God Bless all

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  • I'm based in the UK but from what others have said it is actually illegal for pharmacies in Canada to supply people in the US - though it is legal to purchase it over the counter in Canada and bring it back with you.

    That probably makes things a little more difficult than you were hoping for. Know people in the US do succeed in getting hold of it - but not sure of the methods.

  • Hello,

    I'm in US and recently ordered B12, cyanocobalamin, from Canadian site and can definitely recommend their products and service: Buy-Otc.com

    I also bought their syringes with needles attached: BD 3 ml Syringe, Luer-Lok Tip with BD PrecisionGlide Needle. 25G (gauge) x 1in (0.5mm x 25mm)

    I'm a retired RN and was happy to see BD as they have been around forever and are considered a reputable company, as is Cytex, the maker of the cyanocobalamin. It comes in 10ml multiple dose vial/bottle with rubber stopper under the cap. 1000mcg/ml, for Intramuscular or Deep Sub-Q Injection.

    I have self injected into thigh and these needles are slick...barely knew it was in! Using multi-dose B12 eliminates the need to break glass vial and potential cuts.


  • Is it possible to get Methylcobalamin w/out a prescription here in the US ? I've been diligently searching but to no avail.

    I am very grateful to have found this site

  • Hi Randolph, If you are looking for oral or sublingual, than yes, it's available at drug stores and also Amazon. I haven't seen any information saying that injectable is available in brick & mortar stores in U.S. without prescription.

    Have you considered an online source?


  • Thx so much for replying, Leilanilea.

    The US online sites seem (to me) a bit risky/flaky.

    I'm looking for injectable methycobalamin.

    Looks to me like Europe may be my best bet ?

  • I've found the Canadian site I wrote about above to be businesslike and professional in their dealings. The site itself could use some work but when I got past the clutter I had no problems and delivery process was excellent. I didn't get the impression that I was buying illegally. I came to buy from them after much research and have not purchased elsewhere online. I started because I'm b12 deficit and also have respiratory condition, making it difficult to get to my doctor for injections.

  • Oh, that is sooo good to hear. I'm refraining from posting 'yay' or 'eureka' in caps. (!)

    Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond Leilanilea, I was becoming quite disheartened and discouraged.

    Best wishes & hopes,


  • You're welcome, Randolph. If you decide to buy from them I hope you'll return to this site to report your experience. Leilani

  • I certainly will.



  • I purchased my B12 from Buy-Otc.com ..... my syringes & needles from drugsupplystore.com ..... both transactions went well ---- will be purchasing again from both !

  • Thanks for following up! May I ask why you bought syringes and needles from different source? Less expensive at drugsupplystore?

  • As I recall, it was either price or (most likely) availability ..... Had my first 'morning shot' today .... I'd previously waited til @ noon, thinking that it would give my body a chance to process breakfast + vitamins (my own home baked theory) and enable me to take better advantage of my injection ...... Well, morning shots from here on in for me if today is any indication (!)

  • Hope the good reaction continues!

  • I'm so sorry for your difficulty. I take it your current doctor won't prescribe injections? Mine will but I still feel as if I am deficient. I have heard there is a shortage of b12 injections at the moment as well.

    Do you remember the particulars of the shot you got in the past? Type of b12, dosage, frequency, was there folate also, etc?

    Have you had any success with liquid b12, spray, patches, or sublingual?

    I hope you can get some relief, I believe the severity of your symptoms.

  • I suggest you ask to join


    and look on their files. Lots of country specific info.

    Good luck!

  • I believe the main cyanocobalamin supplier for Canada is Sandoz, so if the item you receive has a different brand name than Sandoz, you might want to be cautious about it.

    As Gambit said, Canda passed a law that effectively makes it illegal to sell injectable B12 online to US residents (although I gather that it still occurs anyway). It is still legal to travel to Canada and purchase B12 over the counter. US customs allow up to 50 doses of any over the counter medication to be transported across the border. (Although it's kind of a crap shoot on whether you'll encounter a border agent who knows that this law applies to more than just codeine. I was once stuck at the border for 3 hours because the first agent I encountered was clueless about the law.)

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