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Where do I go from here?


After a battle GP finally agreed I could request B12 injection every 2 months instead 3 if my symptoms returned. Just had annual blood test and B12 level came back at 1500! I do take a B complex tablet daily for the other B's. Feeling fine at the moment but am terrified of what the doc will say when I request an injection in a few weeks time? Help! What is going on?

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It's my understanding that, having B12 injections, your levels will be well up, even as much as 2,000, and this is fine. Any excess will be got rid of via kidneys as water soluble. Be pleased that your levels show your injections are getting your levels raised. Once established that injections are being sufficiently raised, there's little point to being retested.

I believe people can still require more frequent injections in spite of levels being so high.

Someone with more knowledge and experience will be along to comment soon, I'm sure.

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If you are on regular B12 injections it is generally considered pointless testing unless it come back low.

Was your Folate level tested?

"am terrified of what the doc will say when I request an injection in a few weeks time?"

I'd suggest finding quotes from UK B12 documents that indicate that checking b12 levels after treatment has started is irrelevant.

Think there is something in

1) BSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines


2) Summary

fbirder 's summary of B12 documents might be helpful to read. Link to summary in third pinned post .


suggest that you try not to stress too much - deal with the issue of level if and when it does become an actual issue.

Research done by the PAS reports that people with PA tend to need levels of 1000 on average to feel healthy after injections. BCSH guidelines state that there is no need to test after treatment starts unless there is reason to suspect non-compliance which is an indicator that levels should be seen as irrelevant and treatment should be based on symptoms.

There is also information on the PAS website for medical practitioners that covers this that you could draw your GPs attention to.


My levels are always well over the top of the measurable range on the normal assay methods and that's where I need my levels to be to feel okay.

GP gastroparesis? Is that related to b12?

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