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Self subcutaneous methylcobalamin injections

Hi there,

Does anyone use the following to self inject themselves?;

Following these instructions:

And buying these B12?:

I want to try but it seems complicated. Using transdermal at the moment but find it a bit messy and I don't think its strong enough.


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Wow the implement has come down in price, when I looked about 4-5 months ago the cheapest I could find it was about £54.

I decided against at that price and learned to inject IM in my thigh using a 23 gauge 1" 0.6x25mm needle. It's surprisingly not that bad, although I am still very grossed out at the concept. Been doing it for 4 months now, every 2nd day at first. I don't bruise and it doesn't leave a lump (unlike nurse at GP) but when I tried SC I bruised like mad. For my body going slow with needle in and with squeezing plunger is the key to least pain.

Have you checked out goldpharma and arnika apotheke?

Hope this helps x


A great resource:


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