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The petition for B12 deficency research

Why cannot this petition go directly into peoples E-mails? I am always receiving petitions into my inbox, which ,if I agree with them ,I "sign". Could this not this be targeted at a general audience not just P.A.S. memebers? I don't know how to go about this, but if I did, I would do just that. I feel we won't achieve the necessary numbers if the petition only goes out to P.A.S. members. I have forwarded this petition to all my friends.

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There are lots of different ways of doing petitions - the one that was recently posted is being done using an engine provided by the UK government. This doesn't provide a facility to go direct to people's emails (wouldn't be something I'd want the UK government to be doing anyway) so needs to be done by publicising, eg by using this site and I believe facebook - you also have the option of publicising it yourself by circulating friends to tell you that it is out there.

This is a bit different from doing a petition on one of the many campaigning sites that are out there which have engines that allow you to email to 'members' of that community who have similar interests etc.


Hi Wedgewood - sorry didn't know you have started a Petition - I started one yesterday asking for B12 to be available and not restricted and like you can't work out how to get my link sent to all members of HealthUnlocked?


Hello christina 1952!,

No I haven't knowingly started a petition! !! Don't know how that might have happened! I 'm rubbish on the computer,and working out how sites work! I support any P.A. petition that's going! Best wishes


Hi Wedgewood sorry must be someone else! Have you signed Petition on my post, just click on blue link and takes seconds - Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yes I've signed,and I pass it on to friends to sign,




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