Government Petition for PA

Hi all - have started a Petition to ask for restrictions on B12 jabs to be removed

I need 5 signatures for this to go live, could you all take a moment to cut and paste below link into your browser and sign the Petition and also pass link on to others who may be able to help.

If enough of us sign, you never know someone may take notice, I hope so.

Many thanks to all!

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  • Or you can just click on link - only takes a minute!!!!!!!

  • Signed

  • Thanks! am on the grand total of 8 at the moment..........hopefully will go live within a week!

    Want to get as many signatures as possible

  • Just signed

  • Signed.

  • All done, let's hope people sign

  • My friends have signed and 'shared' it on FaceBook.

  • Many thanks to you all!!

  • Signed and shared..

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