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B12 and nails

Since before Christmas, unaware then of any B12 deficiency, I was told I probably wasn't methylating properly. I started on a small dose of methylcobalamin and methyl folate. I've always had awful nails, breaking and wearing down very quickly, but noticed that my thumb nails were becoming very strong. About a month ago the B12 deficiency came up and sublingual doses of methylcobalamin were started and now the nails on my index fingers are a lot better. Is this the way it goes, working its way from thumbs to little finger? I hope so! It's really fascinating.

Thank you.

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To be honest it varies so much from one person to another - but you are right about it being fascinating. There are so many oddities - for me its things like why do I need hydroxocobalamin for neuropsychiatric symptoms when it is a form that can't cross the blood brain barrier? why have I got improved range of movement in my left foot since I started taking adenosylcobalamin?


My thoughts on it are. If your system is low your body will supply and send resources to what it needs not what it wants. We can survive without nails and hair (they are the first things that suffer with me). Also you might notice if you are ill your level might drop quicker as your body needs more resources to get better.

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Interesting too that the PAS list of symptoms gives an extra 5 points to brittle, ridged nails:



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