ocular migraines

since i started my vit b injections my ocular migraines have reduced significantly. I have just finished my loading dose so feeling hopefully that they will disappear completely.

I was getting shimmering in my eye most mornings and going from light to dark or other way round! and even zigzags and blank bits and dr said probably optical migraines , eye test was normal.

I wonder if anybody else has noticed this if they suffer from this

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  • Yes! Before finding my B12 deficiency I was starting to get worsening migraines including ocular migraines. They've all but entirely vanished since starting injections. It's very rare for me to get one now. :)

    My funny-ish story about the first ocular migraine I had: I didn't know what was going on so I went to see the eye doctor who explained that I was having a migraine (the actually horrible headache didn't hit until the next day). I was confused because I was only having the weird, messed up vision in one eye, but the other seemed fine, so I asked, "Is it supposed to only be in one eye?"

    She answered, "Yes. If it were happening in both eyes I'd be sending you to a neurologist."

  • i think its strange that when I asked the dr and the optician about my eyesight problem that vit b12 deficiency wasnt suggested because I believe I have been suffering from this for years

  • Underlying cause of my migraines is hormonal but B12 deficiency definitely made them worse. Occular element has been better in as much as I have fewer days where I feel there is no real point to trying to focus because it just isn't going to happen through all the fog.

    My problem these days though is managing relationship between b-vitamins - particularly the B9-B6 relationship - if I don't supplement B6 then the non-occular, non-headache element (so pretty horrendous gut spasms) get really bad, but have more or less got that under control. did have a bad one over the weekend but even then the gut spasms weren't as bad as some I had whilst experimenting with getting B6 intake right.

    PS: huge health warning on B6 - it is a vitamin you can overdose on - and is one where large doses (>100mg/day over many months) have been known to lead to permanent nerve damage).

  • Hi can you recommend an all round B vitamin supplement? Don't want to overdose! Getting some treatment for my B12 feeling awful but that happens apparently at the start. Have severe neuro symptoms and my headaches/vision worse at moment, but was told should settle. Thx

  • Sorry to hear that you are sufferng. Things can often feel a lot worse when you start B12 supplementation and it should settle. If you can work with your GP that is best. I wouldn't like to give specific advice as I tend to do a lot of things for myself from reading and experimenting - find out the parameters I can work in and then start experimenting. I don't use a B complex myself but use the individual B vitamins - makes it easier to know exactly what is and what isn't working. I'm also at the very high end of B12 usage so supplement more with folic acid than guidelines recommend.

    It is always best to try and get vitamins from food.

  • Thanks for the info. First day feel a bit physically better.

    Hope ur ok x

  • Good to hear that you are feeling a bit better today

  • Yes I have experienced the same, specialist thought it was a rare type of migraine. had ct scan and was told I had small blood vessel disease in my head, all to do with Lupus and auto immune disease. I self inject B12 every month and have found taking a good quality magnesium supplement has helped with the visual disturbances. Also I cannot spend too long looking at computer screens. Wish you well and look forward to hearing how you get on.

  • Hi

    I had the same problems about 5 years ago. This was one of the earlier symptoms which alerted me to a deficiency. On a few occasions I felt I had a hole in my central vision which lasted for a few minutes. After getting the right treatment which for me is weekly hydroxy.subcut injections then it went away very quickly.

  • I get gray and black streaks of movement in my peripheral vision...not sure if it's to do with the b12, or blood sugar, or other low vitamins or what. It does seem to get better when I'm on iodine and b12.

  • I used to get these a lot (no headache though), particularly when tired/hungry/dehydrated. I'm now seven years into B12 treatment for PA and four years gluten free and haven't had one for about two years, and they were pretty rare in the couple of years before that.

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