Anyone know where I can purchase B12 methylcolbalmin?

I live in the United States and currently am having many symptoms of B12 deficiency and possible PA. I have looked all over the internet to try and locate a pharmacy that I can purchase the B12 from, but haven't had much luck. Most of what I found are the cheaper harder to absorb formula Are any of you aware of any that will ship to the US and are safe to use?



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  • I just read all your posts, incl the one with results. It wouldn't appear that B12 is your problem.

    Read Dr. David Perlmutter's Grain Brain & Brain Maker.

    Try a Gluten/Wheat free diet. Remove all refined carbs. Eat lots of good fats, which your brain craves (Omega 3, Coconut, Olive oils). Supplement 5000 IU Vit D3 and Probiotics daily.

  • Thank you for your response. I respect your opinion, however based upon what I've read and have since learned about B12 deficiency, I disagree. I am planning to proceed with getting treatment with B12 injections, and see how I do. In the meantime I will definitely take a look at the book you suggested.

    Thanks again!

  • Jarrow Methylcobalamin available on amazon in 5000mcg and 1000mcg..... chewable lozenges to be held under the tongue until dissolved.....

  • Thank you Marz. I was under the impression that the pills and lozenges are not as potent as the injections. Is that true? Have you had good results with these? Did you have any neurological symptoms?

  • Some people have good results from the lozenges - as reported on this forum. Also the sprays are good as they avoid any stomach issues. I have weekly injections and also take the Methylcobalamin lozenges. I am certainly in less pain with my back which was operated on in 2007 for stenosis - which I know believe was demyelination of the cord due to B12 deficiency. My Terminal Ileum was removed some 42 years ago when I was 27 - and they omitted to tell me I would need B12 injections for life. My results have always bumped along the bottom and have only recently learnt more and started injections. The damage is done - but hey it's not all bad !

  • That's terrible that they never told you about the B12 injections back then. I hope you are now feeling better now with the injections. I love your optimism! I hope to see some positive results once I get started on my treatment, as I feel like a complete idiot all of the time due to all of the cognitive impairments I am suffering from.

    Take care,


  • mzdawn74...I sent you a link in a PM about buying B12 injections in the USA. Were they no good?

  • I also have Hashimotos so have been battling several conditions that are often inter-linked - so there has been lots of improvements on many fronts. You can click onto my name and read my edited profile :-)

    Hope you soon feel better....

    Also take a GOOD B Complex when supplementing B12 - something with Folic Acid - which works with B12 in the body. You may also wish to research folic Acid v Methylfolate - if you haven't already :-)

  • It was for the wrong kind..I'm looking for methylcobalamin.

  • This appeared on this forum nearly a month ago: "Pleased to report a new source of B12 in all its forms---Cyno, Hydroxo and Methylcobalamin , for injecting, sub-lingual and nasal spray. Comes in dried form with saline. in different dosages. I received my order very quickly. Google"" and have a look. Always good to have a back-up anyhow."

  • Thank you!!

  • Wasn't this a site we were warned about, as a few people had bad oroblems with them a while ago?

  • Is this not a good site then?

  • Hi Polaris,

    I've not dealt with them as yet; just heard of them.

  • I have a bottle of methyl with the following on it: downing labs dallas Texas. 75224. 1-800-914-7435

  • Where you able to purchase it without a prescription?

  • I live in the US and have purchased injectable methylcobalamin from trimnutrition dot com. You must do an initial phone consultation to get a prescription. Hopefully you don't live in any of the few states that this is prohibited. MethylB12 isn't cheap either. It comes dried and with a vial of bacteriostatic water to reconstitute it, so doesn't need to ship refrigerated. After that it must be stored in the frig. I suggest you immediately wrap the outside of B12 vial with foil as extra protection from light.

    TrimNutrition is a Florida company. The methylB12 ships from a compounding pharmacy in Texas. Takes about 2 weeks from the time you order to when it is at your doorstep.

  • Thank you for that information. I will definitely keep them in mind if my doctor refuses to treat me.

  • interview on phone to get methylcobalmin. Kit arrives with syringes, alcohol pads, bandaids.

  • Welcome to the PAS forum on HU.

    I'm afraid that mzdawn74 hasn't been active on this site for over a year, so it's unlikely that they will read this post.

  • Try They offer a really unique experience using telemedicine in regards to becoming a patient of theirs.

    You have to fill out their intake form in order to be able to purchase B12 from them. The doctor reviews the intake to make sure your a candidate for B12 supplementation. If you are, then you can purchase it over the phone with their front desk receptionist and they will ship you an entire kit that includes syringes and your vial of B12. No doctors visits required.

    They didn't charge me for the doctor to review my form or anything like that, just the product and shipping costs. I literally contacted them using the form on the website link I listed above and they responded back with instructions on how to fill out and return their intake form.

    I was able to talk to one of their specialists about some questions I had about the product and they were so nice and helpful. Then I paid and they shipped everything to me. I've ordered from them 3 times now and every interaction has been pleasant and simple.

    If your already familiar with self injections then you should have no problem buying from them. The B12 is great quality and your ordering from a real physicians office. They are seriously awesome.

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