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PA and other autoimmune

Having been diagnosed with PA myself nearly a year ago now I am no further forward with my health, in fact it would seem in some ways I am better informed although just as ill! I knew straight away that my gran had had PA, and my brother and mum have Lupus as well as Raynaud's, Scleroderma and my mum is also being investigated for underlying stomach issues. I have just found out that Endometriosis is autoimmune which I suffered from when I was 15 - 35 yrs old and infact I had an aunt with it too also from the same side another aunt has Thyroid both of my mums sisters are from the gran who had PA.

However last week my dad found out he has Fibromyalgia and how unlucky am I to have that also!!! To have autoimmune genes on both sides of your family is extraordinary I think, I am a parent first and foremost so being positive is the name of the game and hoping against all hope I have all the bad genes and they don't. I must say there are 5 people in my immediate family and 4 have autoimmune so far my youngest brother hasn't shown any signs other excessive tiredness but he does not want to know anything yet as he is 41 yr which is the age I was. I can see his point. If he is to develop anything it will find him in time anyway, to say we had been a healthy family would be an understatement but I suppose our luck has run out now and I can only hope research and development as well as understanding for future generations will improve by the suffering we are all doing in the here and now. Good health to everyone, does anyone else have such extensive autoimmune history?

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