What type of symptom is a Swollen Tongue?

I've read about neurological symptoms and the loading doses to bring them under control, but what kind of symptom is a swollen tongue? Mines been swollen for over 12 months. I had one injection a week for 4 weeks originally, but the tongue never went down and I eventually managed to get one injection a month after that because I am on a vegan diet and have malabsorption issues. Tongue remains swollen though. I am starting self-injections and have had 2 over the last 3 days.

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  • PAS classify it as a common physical symptom


    B12D.org classify it as Gastro-intestinal


  • And thyroid-focussed people classify it as yet another symptom of hypothyroidism. Certainly my tongue was swollen and uncomfortable for weeks or months.

  • My relative, who had severe neurological symptoms, was receiving monthly B12 injections, but still had a sore, swollen tongue. It was supplementing with Jarrows 5000 mcg. sublingually that really helped and was a good indicator of how she was doing. This worked for her but others may find extra B12 in another form would help.

  • Are you supplementing with folic acid? My tongue issues reappear if my folic acid is out of balance with my B12.

    Also you should be supplementing with a daily multivitamin for the minerals and other vitamins.

    Being vegan I presume you are eating lots of green veggie. Kale, broccoli etc so your folate level should be good but just have it checked so.

    Another issue in my mouth was too many fillings and dissimilar metals causing an electrolysis. This caused patches and sore spots on my tongue. A good antibacterial mouth wash temporarily worked but the problem tooth eventually came out and my problems in my mouth disappeared.

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