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Help needed

Hi everyone hope someone can help. Was diagnosed with pa about 3 years ago and think I have finally got it under control (hopefully) with injection every 8 weeks and seems to work well. Have also just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for which I am taking medication but I think this is a longer term thing to get under control. Have to go to dentist in a couple of weeks for filling which of course means an injection. As I haven't had any injections since being diagnosed and am quite neurotic 😁 about upsetting balance of b 12 can anyone reassure me that it will not affect b12. Many thanks for reading this post

Kind regards moppet

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Hopefully your dentist would know. I'm aware that some drugs affect the uptake of B12.

There's a list in "Could It be B12" by Sally Pacholok.

What type of filling are you having? I read once that methyl B12 reacts with mercury (present in amalgam).

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Hi sleepybunny many thanks for your reply I will look up the links. I am having a white filling.

Kind regards



The main anaesthetic interaction with B12 is nitrous oxide - which is given as gas not as injection. Not aware of any other anaesthetic interactions. Your dentist will check on interactions if you tell him that you have a B12 problem. Think B12 has generally been better covered at dentistry schools than it has for other medics, as one of the ways of diagnosing was a swollen tongue.

Hope the link sleepybunny supplied helped to reassure you


Hi Gambit many thanks for your reply. The links sleepybunny gave have indeed reassured me. Always concerned anything might disrupt b12!!!




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