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I recently had a routine blood test for my inflammatory markers. I noticed on the print out sheet it said "red blood cells show Acanthocytosis" and It said to make an appointment to see my Dr. also I noticed my platelets were a bit low at 120, and my creatinine was 127. I am seeing my Dr. on the 7th Sept., I did google this and I think it's a form of anaemia ?

Has anyone heard of this ?

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Hadn't heard of it before your post.

Although it is a form of anaemia (deformed shape of red blood cells so they have spurs on the) - ie it is a blood disorder

- it doesn't appear to have a relationship to B12 deficiency/PA - though it does seem to be linked to hypothyroidism, liver and renal problems and some syndromes.

Not sure whether about the other elements of your query though they could also be indicative of renal and liver problems - though B12/PA can also cause problems with creatinine and platelet levels.


Notice that you posted about 6 months ago about high levels of B12.

This can also be an indicator of renal and kidney problems.

Generally it isn't a problem but some people do have an autoimmune response to high levels of B12 in their blood - body creates anti-bodies that destroy TCII - the mechanism the body uses to transport B12 to cell level. This would leave you with a functional B12 deficiency and symptoms of B12D such as neurological problems mentioned in the same post.


I do have stage 3 kidney disease, also Giant cell Arteritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica. hypertention

I have been Googling again and found some info that is interesting, on one web site It states for Acanthocytosis "history of chronic diarrhea, with pale foul smelling and bulky stools, which I have, [ sorry to be so graffic ] my GP has put that down to my gall stones,

Also read about about Hemolytic anemia [ don't know how I got on to that !! ] which states fatigue, and complications such as gallstones,

due to bilirubin being excreted into the biliary tract, all very strange,

I have a hospital appointment in Sept., re my gallstones probably with a view of having the gall bladder removed, and to think all this may be caused by anemia , no wonder I'm getting confused, I think I will stop googling. It would be interesting to find out if my b12 is still high.


Yes, googling is never very good - lot of misinformation out there ... and some of the information on sites that you should be able to rely upon sometimes leaves you feeling that someone is just towing the party line.

In terms of elevated B12 this article may be of some interest - looks a bit at potential causes and also discusses functional deficiency.

the article is actually arguing that people should pay more attention to high B12 levels and not just focus on low B12 levels as it can be indicative of liver and kidney problems etc.

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Thank you for your link, I am about to print it off to read, as I find it easier and I can then put it in my folder for future reference,



High creatinine goes with thyroid problems. Yours seems very high. (I am used to Australian measures which are usually in one digit figures or less.) I would ring up your doctor and ask him if he has looked at the results.

How are you feeling? If you are feeling ill see your doctor as soon as possible. If you are getting worse, go to a hospital. I may be wrong on this, but if these were my results I'd be making a fuss.


Thank you for your reply, I have been tested for thyroid problems, all test were negative, my creatinine is usually raised because of my chronic kidney disease, but it was a bit higher this time at 127 [ usually it's around 120 ] I am also on long term steroids for my other health issues, which I stated in my first post.

My Dr. did look at my recent blood test results which stated "make a follow up appointment" which I have for the 7th. Sept., so he must think it's none urgent ?

As I said "I have several other health issues" so I never really feel 100% and what with this Acanthocytosis it's something else for me to worry about.

Thank you for your links, which I googled before, however like Gambit62 said it's never always very good to google, I will see what my Dr. say's next week.



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