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Storing hydroxo

I bought hydroxo and gave myself my first injection on Monday. However, I have bought 2ml phials and injected 1 ml. Is it OK to store the open phial in the fridge and use the rest again? If so, how long can I keep it before using it.

Feeling much better after the injection. Was 8 weeks after last injection from my doctor. Usually at this point would have gone to bed exhausted on Friday evening and spent half the weekend in bed recovering from a week at work. Can actually plan for the weekend and come home yesterday and did 2 hours housework

Thanks for any advice.

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In case you are not aware, the 2ml ampoules only contain the same amount (1mg) of hydroxo as the 1ml ampoules that you are presumably getting on prescription from your doctor so injecting 1ml will only give you half your normal dose.

I always inject the full 1mg but I know that some people do inject half an ampoule at a time on consecutive days. Single use ampoules are intended to be opened and the full contents used or discarded immediately so the practice of splitting the dose into two would never be suggested or recommended by a medical professional so you do it at your own risk. I think the best way to keep the second half of the ampoule is to load it into a syringe, expel all the air, recap the needle and keep it somewhere cool and dark. If I were doing this I would not store it for more than 24 hours.


Hi Engels

I have just received my hydrox injections from new source (mycare) because of not being able to use Goldpharma.

They have come in 2ml ampoules and I have been using 1ml ampoules

Is it ok for me to inject all of the 2ml as you have stated

Thanks x


The 1mg/2ml ampoules (presumably Hevert or Lophacomp) only contain the same 1mg(1000mcg) of hydroxo as the 1mg/1ml (presumably Rotexmedica) ampoules. I inject the full 2ml intramuscularly into my thigh which is perfectly safe. If you are using a different injection site or injecting subcutaneously then I suggest you research the maximum recommended volume of injectate for that site and injection method.

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Thanks so much


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