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Numbness in calf and discoloration

Last weekend I happened to rub the back of my right leg and got a really weird sensation, in that the area of my calf muscle felt numb, not completely, but sort of like when you get an injection from the dentist and your cheek feels thick and spongy.

It also looks like there are a number of small bruise marks, but I definitely haven't knocked my leg on anything.

I was seeing the doctor on Monday evening about something else and asked him about it. He didn't seem at all interested and just said it will probably go away and if not then make a follow up appointment.

It feel so strange though - even my trousers touching against that calf muscle cause a strange sensation.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Kind of, but it was after someone put excessive pressure behind my knee during a massage course (which you're not meant to do). Later my leg kept going numb & cold & I felt nauseous, and would have to get up and move around if sitting. It felt odd when touched, as you describe. This carried on for a few years :( I saw a nurse practitioner at the time who said she 'couldn't see anything'. Later a GP said it was nerve damage which should have been treated at the time, and would be permanent: however, I am now finding B12 injections are helping it, with shooting sensations and heat, generally more normal, and have even had localised sensation in the area where the injury happened.

I've also had episodes of unexplained bruising all over both legs but nobody has been interested in that, I think because it's one of a long list of symptoms.

Anyhow, sorry, not very helpful except that yours *might* be nerve damage? Assuming you have B12 Def/PA? I would definitely go back if it doesn't improve. I was afraid mine might be a blood clot at the time but the nurse seemed to think it would be red and swollen if that was the case. Definitely go back if it doesn't improve or gets worse.


Yes, it sounds similar. With me it started with a small patch on my thigh, now my whole leg goes numb, as well as the underside of my forearms, little fingers and small patches on my back . Clothes do feel odd when its happening. Even your Drs experience sounds familiar too


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