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B12 to repair nerve damage

I was wondering about repairing nerve damage. I read that it is damage to the myelin sheath that causes the symptoms, and that b12 can repair it. I also recently read that it is the methyl type of b12 that will do this and not the other forms. Is this correct? I ask because going into self injecting for my daughter, and wanting to get high levels into her to help this, I was thinking that buying the methyl form in a spray to take daily would help with this. Would it? Or is it only by injecting it that the amount would be enough to repair? Also I wasn't going to do this whilst the jabs were three times a week, only when we cut them back to wherever the level is right for her, because it seems a bit pointless if having injections close together. Any thoughts? I don't want to go down the road of injecting the methyl form, not without monitoring by the doctor etc. We use Hydroxo.

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I find nasal is a good route for me - but it doesn't suit everyone.

The body converts B12 to different forms - which includes methyl forms that are used at the cellular level. Some people have a gene MTHFR that prevents them being able to process to methylated forms as efficienty - affects B12 and B9 (folate).

To be honest, people respond differently to different formats - some people actually find that hydroxo or cyano works a lot better for them and methyl does absolutely nothing. Personally I use a mix of hydroxo (good for neuro-psychiatric) and methyl (good for plain neuro) but that is just what works best for me.

It is worth trying the nasal spray and seeing what that does - and also it is worth considering some folate supplementation (though that can have some problems in terms of ways people respond to different forms of folic acid) as the body needs folate as well as B12 and the two work closely together. If her folate levels aren't in towards the upper end of the folate range then it would be a good idea to supplement.

There is, of course, no guarantee that the B12 will resolve the problem - particularly if B12 wasn't the source of the problem but it isn't toxic so worth giving a go and worth experimenting with different forms of both B12 and delivery of B12

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Going to get the results from doctor to see what levels actually are. He did say the folate was normal, but that could mean anything. So when we get them if folate is well up then may wait and just use b complex with folate in. I think that we would need to have a blood test at some point to check folate and iron levels if self injecting, to see what is happening to them. Planning to do loading doses again, maybe for a bit longer this time and gradually cut back and see what happens. Do you know how long would it take for b12 supplementation to drop folate a bit, at the rate we're planning?


Not a medic or a biochemist ... and there would be so many factors to take into consideration. A good B complex would probably give you all the additional folate that you needed anyway.


Everyone is different but using the methyl spray to back up hydroxo injections works for me and helps to reduce the frequency of injections required. It's easy, pleasant and not too expensive which is great but I do need the injections too.

Good luck with finding what works for her! D x


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