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Mothers B12

Hi to all on the forum this is a question to anyone but

would also like Gambit62 opinion as i was given some

exceptional good advise for myself recently on B12.

My Mother has been diagnosed with Prenisious Enemia couple of years ago.

she is having 10 weekly cycle hydroxocobalamin injections

from GP which seem to have an affect after a couple of weeks.

She is in her 70s and is worried that taking Supplements in between these

injections ie Methylcobalamin especially taken sublingually can cause

Overdosing of B12, is it possible to overdose?

Even in between Injections She is having some problems concentrating, irritable forgetful when chatting,gets annoyed if she is not allowed to finish her sentence

on a subject even though she has forgotten.My father says she must take responsibility

to turn everything off at night and lock up doors all the security she won't trust him.

Also has a tedency to keep repeating same stories and things that happen, week in week out which she has already told us which must be frustrating for her .

Also she will be having knee surgery and i have heard that

General Anesthesia can affect progression of B12 .

Any help from the forum i would be most grateful for.

As this also has a slight affect on the family too so it would be great to

improve her situation .



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Anaesthetic - Nitrous oxide oxides B12 and renders it useless so she needs to avoid this anaesthetic - make sure surgeon and anaesthologist are aware when they take the medical history.

You cannot overdose on B12 - hydroxocobalamin is used in huge quantities - 5g over 12 min to treat cyanide poisoning - with follow up dose in 30 min if needed. that is 5000 time a shot etc.

It does sound as if your mother is running out of B12 well before next injection is due - paranoia and all the memory things would be typical of B12 though given her age it could be other things, though if they are going when your mother has her shots the most likely thing is B12 but it might be worth broaching the subject of testing for things like alzhiemers - difficult though that is.

I doubt that your mother is frustrated by the retelling of the stories as the likelihood is that she isn't remembering that she told them :) but it may be frustrating to have people continually telling you they've heard that story before.

Are your mothers Folate and B6 levels okay? as these can also be a link to memory problems - and it does sound as if your mothers problem is short term memory.

This is an interesting link that someone posted recently


suggests a mix of B12, B9, B6 and omega 3.

Sorry have to rush but sure others will be along with good input

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Spot on advice from gambit as always. Best to get your mum to try extra supplement to see if it helps as will not cause harm.

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Thank-you second chance for your input again.


Back again - was thinking about post and just been back to your most recent post but if your mother has PA that increases the chances that you also have PA as it runs in families. If you have siblings then it is worth contacting them and making them aware of the range of symptoms etc - you can't necessarily get them to listen, and you can't get their GPs to listen but at least they will have been warned because it is so easy once you hit 40 to assume that things are just down to getting older when actually there is something else going on in the background.

B12 deficiency can take decades to really get going because malabsorption doesn't mean non absorption though as time goes on the degree of malabsorption does tend to get worse and worse meaning that the symptoms can then start to appear with a vengeance.

Would you father be up to keeping a diary of your mother's symptoms so you would have something to discuss with her and with her GP?


Hi Gambit62,

thank-you very much for you help on my concerns of my Mother with Anaesthetic and B12 prior to Surgery and very good of you to give me the time on myself on these issues, i will take your advice and get my father to keep a diary for her GP.And will mention she can take Sublingual administration of Methylcobalamin in between injections although i haven't had much luck in locating it online in the UK at Health food shops, as yet.

I will go and see my GP to discuss my issues of Low B12 at this point.

And thanks for pointing out it can be hereditary.

Thanks for the link and you kind indepth advise too.



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