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Hi everyone,

I have been suffering from tinnitus for six months now and thought it may be allergy related - in my case hay fever (I own horses and handle hay on a daily basis)!

It became such a problem that my doctor sent me for an MRI and they thankfully have come back clear, but I'm still suffering from dull headaches and tinnitus.

Is this a typical PA thing?

I get the tiredness, anxiousness, headaches, general aches, digestive problems, etc...... But tinnitus?

I sometimes feel like I'm falling to pieces!! 😔

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Tinnitus is amongst the symptoms frequently reported by people suffering from low B12, but it does have a lot of other potential causes - including high blood pressure.

Do you have a diagnosis of B12 deficiency/pernicious anaemia - the list of symptoms you give certainly fits well into the range of symptoms but there is also a huge overlap with symptoms of other conditions and unfortunately having one doesn't rule out others (eg thyroid, ME, MS). Know you have been posting here for a while but not clear from looking back through posts if you have had a firm diagnosis.

I have tinnitus and headaches. Although I treat myself and many of the other symptoms have faded into the past these are still symptoms that I struggle with ... though I would have to admit that my tinnitus is quite mild and I've lived with it for so long that I only really notice it when things are quiet.

If you are trying to get a diagnosis of B12 D then it is best to avoid supplementation until you have had all the possible tests.



Yes I was diagnosed with PA approx a year ago and receive three monthly injections with doctor.

I have had blood test recently and it showed B12 high (because I'd just had my injection a week before) and borderline thyroid but everything else ok.

I was told that the borderline thyroid result can occur if blood test is done shortly after receiving B12 injection?

My blood pressure is always high when taken at surgery but when taken at home it's fine. I keep a record of the readings.

I have never suffered from tinnitus before? It's worse some days than others almost like I'm congested but I'm not?!

Anyway it's obviously something I'll have to deal with.....

Oh and forgot to mention I am on an early menopause so that may also be why I have it?


Looking through your posts, I notice that you first became ill after anaesthetic, which as you know, inactivates B12, if your levels are ALREADY low and I see you have been diagnosed with PA, which means you should be receiving more frequent injections until no further improvement in symptoms - headaches, fatigue, tinnitus, anxiety etc are all symptoms.

I'm also just wondering if your thyroid levels are optimal. Before I was optimally medicated years ago, I was having frequent infections, high BP and cholesterol and only became fully well when my thyroid was suppressed. GPs seem to have little understanding that low thyroid (and low B12) affects the immune system and every cell and organ. What constitutes "normal" to them is not normal as they usually only measure TSH, and this test alone does not give an accurate picture. It might be an idea to put up your test results on the Thyroid UK site here, where many knowledgeable people there will advise.

'Understanding Thyroid Disorders', written by Dr Toft, is published in association with the BMA, so your GP might be more likely to take notice. This link, in case you haven't already seen it, also refers to Dr Toft and was posted on the thyroid site recently :



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