Don't know which needles to buy

Hi, if I don't get any help at my nxt consultant appointment I'm going to self inject.

My neighbour is a nurse and has agreed to do the first one to make sure I don't have a reaction.

I've ordered the dry one so need to find where to buy saline and also I have no idea what size needles to get.

I'll be intramuscular injecting. Can anyone tell me what I need to get and where from? The website I got the b12 from doesn't do the rest of what I need xx

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    This link probably has answers to at least some of your questions - but try putting something like B12 intramuscular needles in to the search HealthUnlocked box in the green header - should bring up lots of relevant posts - that's how I got to the one above

  • It seems to be difficult to get saline. I checked with OB where I get my B12 and they state it is ok to use water for injections. I can't find the email but if you want to double check then email them, you will get a prompt reply. Water for injection is easily available on line.

  • That's good to know about the saline/water. I'll email and double check first though xx

  • Thanks so much. I've finally ordered some now. My hubby is picking them up later 😊

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