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Travelling abroad

Hi this is really a question about when I go travelling around Australia in November for a year or so, I've had B12 injections for probably the best part of 6/7 years now. I use to have them every 12 weeks but now I have to have them every 10. I can't seem to get much information about how I can go about getting injections when I'm in auss, I'm unable to inject myself with a major fear, I've tried with my nurse the last two times I've had it but just can't do it. No one seems to have any idea on how I can go about it once out there. I'm guessing I take the information from the doctor with me stating I need them, but can I just walk into a doctors/pharmacy for someone to do it. Any information would help grately! Also any other information on other supplements to help whilst out there would be good. My uncle who also has B12 recently found B12 spray that they sell in tescos & we used this when we went skiing, he's found it has a good effect as well as these injections which I will be purchasing before I go to.

Thank you :)

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You need a letter from GP saying you needs B12 injections, then usually you go to a clinic (perhaps have to make an appointment) to have it injected. You may have to pay, usually something like £15,-, or depending what kind of insurance you will have etc. You can just buy the B12 at the pharmacy. That is how it works for my daughter who has been travelling around the world now for 4 years, she takes her prescribed B12 ampoules in UK with her. She is currently in Australia, has to register to see a GP first to get her prescribed in UK B12 jab. Also joined medicare. Same happened in France, in other countries she has been able to just make an appointment in a clinic to have the ampoule injected. Far easier if you can self inject!!

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injectibble B12 is available over the counter in Australia which should make life a little easier but you will still need someone to inject it for you by the sound of it - There are Aussies on the forum - may be reposting with Australia in the title might get you some more direct responses and advice.


Thank you I'll do some more digging. I've got the Medicare card so that's a start :)


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