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Rapid heart beats


I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency in November, I've had my loading doses and one maintence shot. I don't feel much better infact since the diagnoses I feel worse.

I've been back to my doctors on a number of occasions and they refuse to do any further blood tests and won't give me my injections any sooner than 3 months.

My worse sympton is rapid heartbeat which seems to be on and off, one day it will be constant another it won't be there at all, I do find it really frightening at times.

I've had Ecgs and they came back as normal and all my original blood tests were normal.

Is it just the b12 and do I just need more? I am constantly exhausted and don't know what to do next? The doctor just said I need to be patient and wanted to prescribe me antidepressants.

I do take a multivitamin and have been doing so for about a month now. I guess I just want to know if I will feel better soon?

Any advice would be greatly received, thank you.


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Re:" I guess I just want to know if I will feel better soon? ", must admit that by now I would have thought you should have noticed some improvements. I'd ask for a referral to a haematologist if your GP is not prepared to investigate further as to why you are not noticing any benefit, or improvement, actually feel worse. It could be that you are now deficient in folate and or iron, or have other issues such as thyroid problems and these should be tested, if you are not doing well on current treatment. Can you go and see an other GP?

Kind regards,



Thanks for your reply Marre. I've seen three different Gps at my practice and have had the same response from all three.

I was considering changing practice but I'm worried i will get the same response.

Think I will have to keep plugging away, I've never spent so much time at my doctors!

Thank you for your helpful advice as always, its good to know there are people out there who know what I'm going through.



You mention other blood tests - and say they were normal. What were they and do you have any results with ranges ? - Labs differ.

Have you considered the irregular heart-beat could be linked to the thyroid - it is very common with people who have not been diagnosed or are under - or over treated. It is also very common in people who have low Iron/B12/Ferritin.

Thyroid hormones are needed in all the cells for good metabolism....

Always good not to accept normal - they probably mean in range - which is a completely different matter.... Our bodies need to be optimal :-)

Am not a medical bod - just a fellow sufferer...


Hi Marz,

I will dig my original blood results out, the doctors said they were all in range and nothing to worry about.

I was thinking thyroid but i cant convince my doctors to do anymore tests.

They just said it takes time and made me write a mood diary which i did and then they didn't look at it!

There is one more doctor to try, then i don't know.

Thank you for your advice and support, its good to know there ste people who understand.

I will keep annoying them until I get them to do something!




I have not long been diagnosed with b12 deficiency I was diagnosed after attending my GP with a rapid heartbeats and felling vary weak after seeing a couple of different GP’s one refereed me to have hospital test. I was diagnosed with b12 & frolic deficiency as well as blood clots in my lungs winch was causing the rapid heartbeats the consultant said there may be a link between the to.


Thank you for your reply, hope you are getting treatment you need. You are fortunate your gp listened to you.

I've not considered anything like that, its certainly given me something to think about.

Many thanks


I have been having injections for 8 years now. I still get palpitations and occasional breathlessness. I don't have a problem with my lungs. I think these are symptoms of PA although GPs don't seem to know this. I get some relief sometimes taking a B complex called Balance for Nerves by higher nature.

I have injections 11 weekly but feel I need them more often. I have printed off information provided in links given on this site but don't feel I have the energy to confront a GP at the moment but plan to do so soon.

Good luck with your journey.


Hi jalbey ,

Sounds like you need more frequent B12, and or are now iron and or folate def. Get some bloods done if you can to make sure you are not iron and or folate def. I became folate def after 5 years on B12 treatment it made me feel horrid, iron def makes me out of breath.

Go and see GP, armed with your copies, you have nothing to lose, possibly much to gain. Remember it is you the patient who pays their wage. Walk out the door mat, grow a thick skin, ask for referral to haematologist if the GP is of no help.

If all ells fails have a look at this topic, helping your self can unfortunately sometimes be the only option, see:

Kind regards,



Thanks Marre had blood test before my last injection and was told that iron and folate were okay. Having another test before the next 11 weekly inj as B12 had not been checked. I have been much more active and busy last few months which seems to have made the problem worse. Like all of us I want to be able to live a normal life and want to be given the proper treatment from Nhs rather than have to self inject. But I have taken note of the link and may yet have to follow the route that so many others have been forced to take. My B12 levels when checked annually are usually 300!


I try to keep my serum B12 over 300, do not feel well when it drops under, which it did on the conventional 3 monthly NHS B12 jab, and folate dropped every year (it dropped to serum B12 230 ng/L = 170 pmol/L. Folate 2.1 ug/L). Anyway yes its sad to have to resort to self treatment, but if that is the only way then that is the only way.


I am sorry to say that I will not be very helpful to you except to say that I also have the rapid, loud heartbeats and palpitations a great deal of the time. It is totally disconcerting and often frightening, so I hope you will be a little reassured that you are not alone. Nothing sinister was found when I saw a cardiologist and I have read many times, similar posts stating that these symptoms are often experienced. I wish you well and hope you get lots of help in the future.


Thank your for your reply and reassurance, I have to admit I have been very worried, which doesn't help as it exacerbates the problem.

Thank you for your support and I also hope that you get the help that you need too.

I will continue to badger my gp until they take me seriously, Marre is absolutely correct in that I have the right to good quality treatment.

Kind regards


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