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Hydroxocobalamin acne

I know there are other posts about this but none that have the exact answers I'm looking for.

I started the Hydroxocobalamin b12 shots a couple months ago and probably have done 5 total. It took me a while to make a connection with my sudden acne outbreak and the injections. I'm 36 and haven't had acne since my late teens so it's really out of the blue but I never thought the injections could cause it.

Anyway, I've read that it's a detox period so I have a few questions:

1) how long does the detox period last and when did people turn the corner and have their skin clear who stuck with the injections

2) for those who stopped injections, how long after you stopped did your skin take to return to normal? (I'm two weeks post injection and still getting new pimples each morning i wake up)

3) did zinc help clear up your skin or anything else?


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I started injecting August 2016. Started with break outs on my neck which then spread to my scalp and face. They came in waves. They started to clear up about December/early January..... So about 4 or 5 months of injecting several times a week. Hair and skin look so much better than they had for years. I'm still injecting regularly. I persevered because the improvement in how I felt was so immense that having acne at the age of 50 seemed a small price to pay for getting my life back

Lu x


I've been on hydroxocobalamin for about a year now and my skin has never fully returned to normal. I now have antibiotic cream for when I do have bad break outs and I've had to change my daily skin route. I find cleansing every morning and night helps.


the acne is probably caused by reaction of micro-organisms in the skin to B12 - tends to make them produce a toxin that the skin reacts to - for some this doesn't cause acne- for others it does - for some it is temporary for others it isn't.

can't comment on the zinc as acne hasn't really been an issue for me - but would suggest that you talk to your GP and/or pharmacist about treatments for acne and keep the situation under review.


I have been taking injections for 10 months and I have had acne the entire time, don't see it tapering off much.

I have found that a "oil blotting sheets," an over the counter product I never knew existed before, seem to help.


I am seeing zinc all over the internet to help with acne. This post is kind of older so i was wondering if you tried taking zinc and if it helped or worked?

If so, how much did you take? How long before it worked?


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