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B12, me and my family

Just thought that I'd update on the experiment with adenosyl B12 which I've now been using for a month or so.

I have a bit more feeling in my left foot and the range of movement in my left ankle has improved noticeably.

My mother is now on B12 - got her using a nasal spray for 1mg x2 per day - and seems to be much more energetic.

One of my aunts started using a nasal spray that I had given her and reported that she finds she doesn't need to have a snooze in the afternoon and has noticed that strange balance problems that she'd mentioned to her GP months ago have gone.

My brother uses a spray periodically - and find that it helps. His wife also uses B12 - not sure what effect it has for her but got a big hug last time I saw her and passed on a spray as requested.

So, in terms of diagnosis, I have a diagnosis, my mother does but brother and aunt don't.

I know that the wisdom is to get a diagnosis first but the amount of suffering that is caused by GPs being hung up on test results in the face of so much evidence that these are only contextual guidance that I do find myself wondering if this is really the way to go.

Okay so the lack of formal diagnosis is a bit of a pain and the dependence on having resources to be able to afford to treat yourself is galling in the face of what is supposed to be a national health service aiming to ensure adequate health care for all. It may distort the stats on the incidence of B12D but I sometimes wonder how many deaths have B12 involved in them but that is missed in the identification of the immediate cause of death.

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Dear Gambit 62 Glad to hear that you are having some success with adenosyl. That is encouraging. May I ask, is it an injection ? May I also ask how you obtain it? I use Methyl injections .They have improved my numb feet but I'm still left with the awful burning! Would love to try Adenosyl Really great to hear of even a slight imorovement for you. Thanks for tellng us.


I'm using a nasal spray - suspect I'd be a pin-cushion and full of holes if I used injections. Sometime feel as if nasal spray works better for me than injections - possibly because there is less of a spike in levels.

I source various nasal sprays from detoxpeople


thank-you .


I use adeno as injections. Am I allowed to post here the website information ?

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It can be done privately, but I'm not sure how that is done.


The thyroid forum has rules about not posting information on sourcing medication etc but that isn't the case, as far as I am aware, on this forum.

If you click on your name on the top bar and choose message you can send a private message to someone.


Thanks Gambit. You are a mine of information. And such useful information too. I always read your messages and have learnt such a lot. I have awarded you a medal! (Gold)


Hi Lilnicki. i'd be grateful to know your source of Adeno. injections & any update on your response to it. feel free to Private Message (PM) if you wish.

with thanks



Agreed, I've had to give my mother and son supplements as I got nowhere with respective GPs and it was all taking too long, they were suffering while I was being fobbed off. As hard as it was to get myself taken seriously, this has been even more of a struggle. It seems as if the thinking is to wait until it's an emergency situation - which with B12 is too late as we know. However, money is an ongoing issue, and I don't think the sublinguals are giving them enough B12 although both have improved a little. Son had bad reaction to vaccination, something which is referred to in 'Could It Be B12'. GP response - low immune system, no reason given or further tests suggested.

Thanks for the update, Gambit. It's really useful to hear about the adenosyl.



I'm interested in trying adenosyl. Have any of you tried lozenges or sublinguals with good results?

Please could you pm me. Thanks.


Just started using some adenosyl sublingual. Find it works really well with me for controlling bowel and urine problems and tend to feel quite calm after taking it so probably good for my mood.


How are you, youve not posted any info about you or your mum for a while, is everything going ok?


Yes, she seems to be okay - has a carer now and seems to be okay unless her nasal spray runs out and nobody notices.


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