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I'm scared!!

Hi everyone,

I am really scared! I have had an awfull night!

Woke up at 3am and although I was tired, every time I nodded off I had a panick attack and got those sleep jerks!!

Every little noise and I jerked myself awake again!! It made me get panick attacks.......and so the circle continued!

I'm now awake shaking all over and weak! This hasn't happened to me in ages........

It was like I'd dream about dropping something and I'd hear the noise of it dropping and that'd wake me up!

Due a blood test this morning - it's all a bit worrying :(

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Hope that the blood test goes ok though I guess you then have the anxiety of waiting for the results.

It could be that your B12 is a bit low as my anxiety levels get higher when my B12 is low - and then I get through more B12 dealing with the anxiety - so bit of a vicious circle there.

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Yes I thought the same as Gambit, you are worried about your blood test most probably..hope its gone OK for you.


I get a similar symptom. Heart racing panic attack and breathing heavily just after falling asleep but when I take my pulse, it is normal. I think it is something like vagus nerve damage providing false feedback to the brain.

Getting a grip on reality - as in taking my pulse in my case - I think reassures the brain and slow the flow of the chemicals (adrenalin?) so I calm down.

I think this symptom occurs more frequently if I've had too much folic acid or the balance between folic acid and b12 is tipped to the folic acid side.

I also find increasing the acidity of my stomach as in drinking some orange juice also helps calm things down.


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