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Would this be a better way of campaigning for better treatment of B12 deficiency?

It was really interesting to hear Baroness D'Souza on 'Woman's Hour' this morning, who said the House of Lords might be a better place to raise some issues, as their representatives have diverse specialities - medicine, law etc - are more willing to raise amendments and actively seek information from campaigning groups. Would this be a better way to go I wonder? I'm just about to look up their website.

(She speaks about this roughly threequarters of the way through)

PS. Writing to Jeremy Hunt about thyroid treatment was a complete waste of time - no understanding and just fobbed off with eight pages of gobbledygook.

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I cringe at the idea that my MP is going to do anything other than look after his political career. However, I still write - think that there probably is something to be said for using the Upper House but whether it would get enough momentum for legislative changes if there wasn't already a bill in motion I'm not sure.

I'm so cynical about politicians and the political process in this country - far too long since we actually had a strong enough opposition to make the adversarial style work. However, sitting on my backside moaning about it definitely isn't going to bring about a new world order :)


The House of Lords might be a good source of help.

The Countess of Mar campaigns vigorously on behalf of M.E. sufferers and I think Gulf War syndrome sufferers.

As far as I am aware there are no members of the House of Lords who campaign on B12 defic/PA issues but I might be wrong.

I wondered whether it might be possible to try to get a group of MPs/members of House of Lords to start an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) dealing with B12 defic/PA


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