If you are going to be ill, be a dog!

I just had a call from the vet. Seamus had a series of B12 loading doses last November/December, and then a blood test yesterday (note, results in a day!!!). His B12 a month after the loading doses ended is bang in the middle of the range. If it was a one-off, she said, it would be sky high - therefore he needs regular (monthly) injections. And if he seems to be droopy despite that, then it will need to be more frequent!

I cannot imagine a similar response if those results had been for a human! In any case, he was only at the bottom of the range when we started the loading doses, not hugely deficient.

Add to this a general policy with vets to keep dogs on thyroxine at levels significantly HIGHER than they would be if it was naturally produced - because they seem to do better at higher levels. You can see that dogs get treated by symptoms, whereas their owners have test results followed slavishly.

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  • Ruthi, my sister's Jack Russell is very much at end of life with heart and kidney failure but perks up wonderfully when she has her monthly B12 jab. I hope Seamus recovers.

  • When they are aging (poor Seamus is only nine but has and has had multiple problems so he is definitely a senior) when they are aging its difficult to tell what is age and what is ill health. Seamus really perked up when we did the loading jabs, although it made his arthritis more noticeable because he became so much more active. We are just starting with turmeric for him.

    We will see the vet on Monday and I will ask about us doing the injections ourselves more regularly.

  • Don't forget the VitD capsules - may help with the arthritis :-) Demelza - our Greek dog - is Hypo and on 200mcg of T4. I also alternate B12 tabs with a VitD. She has improved massively and even people who do not know her well have commented that she looks less sad. She has had a cruciate ligament op so has suffered :-( - but for 10 is doing well. We are all Hypo in this house so it must be catching !!

    Oh forgot to mention that Martyn Hooper told us at the Thyroid conference that over 80% of B12 produced in Europe goes into animals. He showed us a lost sheep on the screen - Farmer knew it was time for her B12 injections. How we wish humans were treated the same - best go to see the vet then !

  • I once tried to persuade my homoeopathic vet to treat me, but he ran scared!

    Seamus is raw fed, and gets fish oil so I think he is unlikely to be deficient. Add to that the fact that synthetic Vit D can upset copper balance and I wouldn't give, or take it without strong persuasion!

  • I was told vets are allowed to treat humans but doctors aren't allowed to treat animals.

  • Sad but true.

    Hope Seamus continues to improve.

  • So true! Even talking to my ponies vet she was saying every vet knows working from TSH alone is useless!

    Hope Seamus keeps improving.

  • You are spot on, Ruthi. I remember even in hospital that doctors always came and looked at the blood & urine tests at the foot of your bed each day before they spoke to you and sometimes they didn't even speak to you - they simply consulted with the test results and went on their way! Still, I'm very glad pets are getting more considerate treatment.

  • So depressing. I've often thought if I were a dog I would be treated better, as there would be public outrage in the UK if dogs were expected to suffer like some people do with these kinds of illnesses/symptoms. Trying to think why vets would treat dogs differently to doctors treating people. Is it because they are paid privately perhaps? When you take your dog in to the vet saying they are lethargic and low in mood, and seem to be in pain, how come the vets don't just say it is their age/stress/depression? or laugh and say the dog/owner is simply making up their symptoms as their blood tests are in normal range?

  • I do often wonder how the few hypo men are treated by their doctor. My experience of both male and female docs is that they are hugely sexist (and probably racist, but I don't have to worry about that one).

    I don't think its much to do with the fact that vets are private. I think its more to do with the fact that they have to go much more by symptoms and careful observation, or they would get nowhere.

  • You are right, they are extremely sexist and ageist as well.

  • Vets are a canny lot. They got a law passed in Victorian times permitting only vets to.treat animals. The Animal Welfare Act requires owners to ensure that suffering is alleviated, otherwise we would all be breaking the law every time we gave our pets glucosamine or turmeric.

    No such law protects humans. No one can claim to cure cancer, but you can claim to cure anything else.

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