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thanks for all advice

hi all,thanks for all replies its really helpful to read all different comments,as good as my doctor is he really doesnt seem to know a great deal about p.a so reading all comments im going to ask him to send me to see a specialist in this field,ive actually got a heck of a lot more info from you guys than ive had from my local practice so thanks all for that,although i may not reply to comments to often i do and will read what you are saying with interest,not had to good a xmas to be honest as i felt quite ill,i seem to be picking up gradually now though,hope xmas was good for you all and hope 2015 fares well for you,would have sooner had the flu than this,at least after a week or so i would have been over it,anyway any advice will be greatly appreciated,as i said earlier i probably wont post to often so please dont be offended if i dont reply,thanks to all for your advice and info and look forward to reading comments with great interest.

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Hi Fenty,

I'm not sure if you are asking a question, and if so what that question is. From your previous post here: it seems you have just started treatment so obviously you are still not doing that well? It can take time, and other deficiencies are possibly taking time to get right in your case. Hope 2015 will be the year for return to good health for you!

KInd regards,



Nothing in the rule book that says you have to post.

Hope that you start to feel a lot better soon


Hi Fenty - I`m worried that you may not get anywhere with your GP . Firstly they will do anything other than refer you , which in any case would be to a haemotologist . You might ask the surgery if they are members of Best medical Practice and why they have not been following the guidelines issued by the British Committee for Standards in Haemotology for the diagnosis and treatment of cobalamin and folate disorders which says that regardless of blood test results , if the patient is symptomatic , they should start a course of injected B12 immediately , to prevent any further neurological damage .Most of the blood tests being used are not as advanced as they should be . Chances are that if you have been taking a B12 supplement , your serum B12 will read as " normal" although they seem to have set a very low level for the cut off point (150) but some think it should be more like 350 minimum . The other blood tests are so sensitive that a false reading can easily show even though the patient is severly deficient . It would be very beneficial if you write to your local CCG and ask them why they have not been making B12 injections available to patients . Nurses told doctors many years ago that they were leaving patients to suffer needlessly with B12 deficiencies but seem to have been completely ignored . It seems that the NHS loose £736 million pounds per year due to misdiagnosis of B12 deficiency because doctors are treating individual symptoms instead of the cause . They have been prescribing many drugs to patients which actually drop their B12 levels and many patients have had nitrous oxide administered which can stop the synthesis of B12 , sometimes permanently . There is a worldwide epidemic of misdiagnosis. Could this be because drug companies are giving doctors gifts to buy their wares ? Have you tried a sublingual B12 spray ( available from Tesco)? If you are having any of the food intolerances which accompany this deficiency , try some CoQ10 along with the spray . Some of the advice I have read suggests taking brewers yeast because B vitamins work together , so taking a spectrum of them is helpful . I hope you have luck asking for a specialist in the field through your GP . would you let me know if have any luck with it ?


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