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Hurrah for spots!

Just wanted to write something more positive for a change. I am self injecting now on a weekly basis, did my third one at weekend and have had a breakout of spots today. I am not going mad I promise, this is a good thing as I remember the same thing happened after my loading doses in August and I had at least 6 weeks of feeling human again.

I will however continue my weekly injections and see how it all pans out. You never know I may get back to the gym yet.

Feeling happy :-) :-) :-) xxx

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Hope you just keep on feeling better and better! Marre.


Thanks Marre, like I always say all helped along with the good wishes and advice of everyone on here too x


You aren't going mad - one of the things that happened to me when I started to get my B12 levels right was that I went down with a stinking cold - real runny nose stuff ... like I hadn't had for years and I was really happy about that because it seemed to be evidence that my immune system was really kicking in properly again!

Hope that the spots don't continue for too long.


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