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Update to comments I made on gillsie's post

I commented on gillsie's post that I was worried that having had a test showing b12 of 2000, the docs might try to reduce the frequency of my injections (8 weekly) as is happening to so many. Sleepless nights for nothing thank goodness, had a tele convo with a GP at practice today and we discussed my low mcv and mch, I am to go back for tests for coeliac and ferritin then when those results are in see her and arrange necessary treatment/further tests, she commented "I see that your B12 serum level is good, so that is fine". Now I know that just because the serum b12 level is high it does not mean that I am all fine and dandy, but for the moment that was a great result for me and I am happy to work with her on this basis. I have had spells of low iron in the past so am hopeful that nothing too sinister is happening.

Thank you marre and gillsie for your encouraging words, gillsie I do hope that you find a way through your difficulties soon. x

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Hi Harvena 

That is brilliant news, glad its not your serum B12 levels the phone call was about. I hope its just because your stomach acid is perhaps not the right PH ( not acidic enough) that that is the reason for your low MCV/ ferritin. Good you are having it investigated and hopefully its only having to take a course of iron tabs and drink something like orange juice/ lemon in water with meals to increase uptake of iron etc.

Kind regards,



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