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Stomach problems

I have been having stomach problems over the last 5 mths. I get really bad stomach cramps then diarrhoea. The pain is that bad I am doubled up on the floor. I was sent home from work last week. I went the doctors and they said its IBS but the tablets they gave don't really work. They help with the pain but don't stop the diarrhoea. I have a doctors app on Friday so will be asking for a scan. Maybe am being dramatic

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No nothing dramatic, it took me years to go and see a gastro, should have done it years ago, it has given me my quality of life back now, ask for a referral to a gastro. So much of B12 def/ PA is gut/ stomach related, very good to have all the gut/ stomach tests to eliminate and to possibly find something that may help you far better than what a GP can offer you!

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Thanks am a bit scared to get the camera. But the doctor am seeing on fri is nice and he listens. Hopefully will get referred x


Yep I was very scared about all the procedures, endo/colonoscopy...waited 30 years, its nothing , both over and done with in 20 mins, the 3 days before empty bowel stuff and not eating is harder than the procedure! I did have sedation for endoscopy (10 mins max) and was given extra pain killer stuff during cdoloscopy as it appeared I have very narrow bowel with sharp bends, the procedures excluded alsorts such as crohns / achlorhidria/ any thing cancerous/ H Pylori etc, and came up with that I have a smooth terminal ileum , abnormal, not known why, and a reason for bad vit (B12) absorption and a lack of recyling of (B12 in) bile. I was given stuff (colestipol) for bile salt mal absorption that has given me back my freedom now. I had a 30 year diagnosis of IBS ( Did see a gastro then 2 times but he was a waste of time, so it is important you see a good one, although things have changed over 30 years I think). My IBS just got worse over the years to the extent I only would go out if I knew I was empty and just not eat anything until I got home. Now I can take stuff and know I'm fine, no cramps, no sudden I must go to a loo now, I can travel and not worry at all about being near a loo, just lovely! Seeing a gastro is worth it, and not as bad as you think, most probably, Marre.


Yeah it's the cramps and the sudden urge to go the toilet. It does affect your life and it's affecting my job. Am trying to think positive and hoping this problem can be fixed. You have given me some hope. X


You have nothing to lose but lots to gain!

Perhaps read this, it has a lot of info, see:



Thank you I found that really useful x


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