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Please help my poor sieve of a brain. I'm wanting to start injecting myself next week. It's such a minefield of information but I can't absorb it. Someone please tell me exactly what needles and syringes I need, where I can get said needles and syringes and safest place to get methyl please. I'm so sorry to be stupid. I would be so grateful. I've read some people use insulin needles. Some use blue. Some change needles arghhhhhh!!! X

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There are two ways of injecting.

1.sub-cutaneous - just under the skin - and for this people use insulin needles.

2. intra-muscular like the shots you get from the GP - and is where all the blue needles and switching needles comes in - you need much longer needles for this and you really shouldn't try it unless you have been shown how.

This post has a video showing you how to inject sub-cutaneously.

I haven't injected methylcobalamin - have tended to use hydroxocobalamin so can't really help you with sourcing.

If you source ampoules then you may find this post useful to help in figuring out how to get into the ampoules.


You can get dried methylcobalamin from and the saline you need to mix with it from and in the search box put 02737779 . This should tale you straight to a box of saline in phials 10 x 10 mls' Cost 2.9 euros for saline and 5.67 for courier. You need Pay pal . Hope this helps Best wishes to you .


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