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What else should be checked in Blood Test other than B12 Level?

Hi :)

I was diagnosed with PA about 9 months ago. Other than a blood test 4 weeks after my loading dose I haven't had my bloods checked since. Should I routinely be getting these checked every 6 months/12 months?

I'm going to make an appointment this week for a blood test. Other than the b12 level, what else should be checked because I have PA? Calcium? Folate? Vitamin D? etc

Because I have PA, are there any other things I'm more likely/more at risk of being deficient in?

Thank you

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Hi strawberry dream, I am currently getting my loading dose now. I have been told full blood test with b12 folate 10 days after the loading dose then another blood test 2 mths. Only full blood test b12 and folate been mentioned.


Hi Leanneta,

hope you are feeling better after starting b12 injections. Thanks for the reply. My doctor hasn't mentioned anything about further blood tests but will make sure to ask for folate to be checked when I call this week.


Yes def get folate checked as I been told that once start injections the body need more folate to get full effect of b12 so best to have mid to high levels of it


Plz check for Ferritin (Iron storage), Folate as these 2 are used to make Heamoglobin and good levels are required for B12 injections to work.

Also B12 injections may lower your Potassium level so check that one as well.

Ofcourse FBC (Full Blood count)

Hope this helps.


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