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Links with b.12 deficiency and endometriosis

Hi all. I regularly use the Thyroid and the Lupus forums as I have many issues with my health.

I visit your site as I am low in B12 and have been advised to have injections but I am awaiting my recent lab results at the end of August by the Endo I have been referred to to see whether this should go ahead or not.

My lab results in October were 284 - reference range (240 - 1110).

I was interested to see on this site a poll regarding endometriosis. I suffered with this for many years which made me infertile. After adopting my children, I eventually had a hysterectomy 15 years ago next month; I am now 53.

What if any are the connections? I am intrigued to know as I read that endometriosis is auto immune too.

Thanks in advance,


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Yes I am interested, not sure who made that poll and why. I was diagnosed with endometriosis some where in my late 20's, it was an explanation in my case for heavy periods, but I already had 2 kids by then. I was advised years earlier to have children early (because of abnormal smear tests, but know now that could be B12 related, my daughter had the same as in abnormal smear tests until B12 treatment) as I'd have a hysterectomy before I'd be 30, this was not the case fortunately! But yes I'm interested as to why this poll was set up,

Kind regards,



I've got dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) which started just before menopause and worsened after menopause. I never knew B12 deficiency and DUB were related. Neither did my doctors.


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