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Looking for advice on serum b12 levels

Hi, looking for some advice on my Serum b12 levels - have been experiencing all the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency for several months, and have had lots of blood tests which have ruled out everything else. Just had b12 levels tested and the doctor says my results are normal, but I was wondering if I could get some advice on it. Also i had the serum test for b12, but have heard there is a more accurate one - is it the active b12 test or something?

Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated

Serum b12 levels:

413 ng/L (190-800)

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Hi I dont know about the active B12 test but at 158 I was considered borderline and had MMA and homocysteine tested which can also indicate B12 deficiency. For me one did and one didn't so it was inconclusive but worth a try? Has the doctor discussed other possible causes for the symptoms e.g. thyroid etc. ? If my last blood test had not convince my GP I was deficient (which it did) they were going to look at other causes for the symptoms. May be worth having a chat - maybe even asking for a double appointment so you are not rushed.


Hi J-134

Your Serum B12 is I suppose in range, as GP's tend to say. However, Serum readings are NOT conclusive in themselves. Personally if you are still suffering symptoms which could possibly be linked with a B12 deficiency, then I feel you should consider asking your GP to carry out a test for both Intrinsic Factor levels and also Parietal Cell Antibodies first of all, these are available on the NHS. Having obtained those results, depending upon which, you will have a much better picture of your bodies ability to absorb B12. via your diet or via oral medication methods, or whether you may require injections or possibly Transdermal Patches.

DO NOT at this stage begin any form of medication, if you intend to have the HoloTC and other tests carried out and PLEASE DO NOT begin self medication, this can be both counter productive and even dangerous. It will however definitely screw up any further test results you may require.

Then stage 2, you can now consider conducting a HoloTC and depending upon the results of that test, possibly an MMA test, plus if you wish a test for your Homocysteine levels. All of the stage 2 tests, can be carried out by Guy's / St. Thomas's hospital in London privately, or if you are very lucky, via your GP. The cost for HoloTC is approx £18 plus £12 for the postage and packing kit. The MMA if needed will cost around £98, but as I say your GP may be prepared to cover these costs. You will need a referral from your GP in order for Guy's to be able to conduct these tests even privately. For more details of these tests, you can contact Denise Oblein on 0207 -188 - 7188, Denise will help you regarding this course of action, should you decide to go that route.

A book which may help greatly with your lay understanding of the B12 problems and also help your GP, is called "Could it be B12" and this is available from Amazon for around £12.

Hope this all helps and you soon feel better.

Best wishes B12 Turbo


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