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Question about B12 and Folate levels

Hi I asked on Oct if anyone knew where I could get a home test. I found Myrios and had results today. I am now confused as I gave up supplements but the results are B12 522 and Folate 45.4. >Can anyone explain? I was told to see GP at earliest convenience. Thanks

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Can't help you I'm afraid as this is new to me, other than to say that both your results are over the top of the reference ranges (Myrios) and this is why they are refering you to GP. This is not to say that the results are abnormal especially with regard to B12.

Reference range with Myrios for B12 141 - 489 pmol/L though other labs have higher cut off points.


Hi! I use Myrios too, who in Nov '12measured my B12 at 1000pmol/L in a range of 141-489pmol/L Divide this by 0.738 to arrive at the more commonly used ng/L and I was at 1355 ng/L, range 191-662ng/L I too was advised to seek advice about "high" levels from health professional also, but I think you can just ignore this advice regarding your B12 as at 522 pmol/L, or 707ng/L, your serum B12 seems quite satisfactory even without current supplementation. Myrios B12 range top is really low, NHS ranges usually up to around 800 or 900 ng/L These ranges for B12 are guidelines, really, as B12 is not toxic so having a seemingly high over range level is not a problem. I was at over 1500ng/L about a year ago and still alive to tell the tale.

My folate was also at 45.4nmol/L Nov '12 (funny, that coincidence) above Myrios range of 10.4 -42.4 nmol/L, my folate is always high as in exceeds range, so I also was advised to seek advice but did not as I regard, rightly or wrongly, folate levels in the same way I regard B12 levels as folate fluctuates with diet, liver is a good source for instance of both B12 and folate and I eat plenty of that. Just 3 points over the range is nothing to worry about I thought. Myrios have to cover themselves when ranges are exceeded, that is how I look at it.

Alternatively you can paralyse yourself with fear by googling "high folate levels" and browsing around, but remember we were only 3 points high, and I am still alive two years after first becoming aware of "high" folate. And well. Your GP will reassure you about folate.

I hope this relaxes you.


Thanks for that interesting and informative reply!. Do you think I should stop supplements containing folic acid and B12 as I have "panicked" as you predicted and thought this high level must be dangerous. Would you take another test with Myrios or would you find another lab? Thanks. Kath


No. I do not think that you should stop your supplements. You need folate to methylise B12 from all sources so folate and B12 go hand in hand. A general B12 supplement does help to balance the B vits, I use brewer's yeat for this but am aware that being plant based it has no B12.

Although your B12 is satisfactory there is absolutely no harm in raising it further. It might be above the Myrios range but it is an extraordinarily low top of range. B12 is very beneficial in many ways and non toxic and needs folate to methylise it so the body can use it. Were I you I would just relax and ignore Myrios' recommendation to see GP.

My latest January result from Myrios:

B12 1420pmol/L (141-489)

Folate 45.4nmol/L (10.4-42.4)

This is how I intend to keep it, twice yours, having experienced how it is to have B12 below NHS range 167ng/L (180-900) and how awful that was, dumb GP did not treat, just poured contempt and anger on me, but uncomprehending of umpteen neuro symptoms (dope!) referred me to neurologist who was angry, scathing and contemptuous like GPs. Another dope. I dug myself out of the pit into which the NHS was happy to cast me, by my own researches.

Bear in mind that the NHS ranges, which Myrios will echo, are notoriously low.

Neuropsychiatric symptoms can occur at NHS level 300 which would be regarded by uninformed GP as OK, no treatment required. Madness.

I am intrigued though by the constancy and coincidence of our folate levels!

I think that I shall find another lab, it might be right below!

Raoy's links are interesting and useful. Don't use a microwave to cook in, it destroys B12 and enzymes.


I was wondering if you could inform me what you found was the most debillitating symptom of B12 /folate deficiency? Thanks


The most debilitating symptom was the utter, complete and devastating lethargy and exhustion, spent most of many days in bed, sometimes not able to do more than just lie there, breathing in and out, feeling final exit was imminent. When had to go shopping I paid for it with a following day of complete wipe-out in bed and the days when up were little better, until I found the Pernicious Anaemia Society. God bless the internet!!

But the most frightening symptoms were the tingling, the shooting pains in feet and legs, the odd feelings under the skin as though a lace network had gone live under the skin, and the spontaneously jerking muscles which gradually developed over days from a sensation like a bubble rising and bursting on the surface

I had B12 deficiency, but folate was always high, about 3 units above range top. Probably was high because folate had little or no B12 to methylise??

I feel just fine now. I hope you are well. I am happy to answer any more questions.


Thanks for taking time to reply. I think we are all trying to find out as much as we can and appreciate not been humiliated by doctors when we explain that we have these symptoms and we are not neurotic! I like the way that you describe the feelings in legs and arms as "odd"! this is very true and to try to describe it to doc is hard. The latest asked could it be psychological. Thanks


Vitamin B12 28.8µg480%

Folate 691µg173%

I use a Quantum Analyzer to do test's if you would like more informatiom and price's email


Test cover's: Coenzyme Level's,Amino Acid,s Vitamin level's and Trace Elements

Be lucky I wish you well.



Can anyone tell me what is the principle behind the Myrios test? What do they test for and how reliable are they?

Thank you.


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